The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

January 24, 2016

Images of war keep on coming,
the cleansed and proper body.

Images of war are always difficult to decipher, in particular
when they're digital constructs. I worked here with the
elusiveness of the imaginary, with a sense of escape and even
obscenity, as these are crude productions. I deliberately used a
netbook and tablet with a Second Life browser, so that rendering
parameters were kept at the lowest level; the screen renditions
are redolent of peripheral or drone vision, close-up but
undetailed. It's as if we're watching the war from the machine,
instead of the machinery of war - and the machine, mute, has no
knowledge, in these cases, of what it sees. I think of Capa's
images of war, and the implicit violence of the construction of
these respondents as well. The territory is Odyssey in Second
Life, the casualties, my own.


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