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single note of qin extended into eternity plus maquettes

or morphed landscape, the promise of digital-eternal - what's
_cool_ passed away. Is it a testimony to eternal quality digital
that doubling and all issues (genetic, mirror-stage, chiral,
eternal-re- eternity), movement along vector, not skittering
elsewhere. We cannot beyond pale; they premise eternity in their
own forms hell, damnation black-hole event horizon where bytes
transform retouched, eternal, placed** Bungling shapes destiny
human; inscription: LOWER ASCII!!!** eternal. Perfection moves
through reconstructions that, eternal.** incom-** incomplete:
(If inhabits eternity, analog is worn, worn down; who say
erosion doesn't enter into mess heaps, with division Y + Z noise
enters as well Serres' Parasite bit spillage, entropy,
ultimately bringing down constituted house? are close nerves
real here, dissipated signals within which even must reside.
identity continues fragments replacing totality well. Now 1999
clear applica- On hoids mice cast gold. distribution? poem,
declare love you,promises stanza true, whylaws, given whomclear;
Well, Yes she 32 sion, existing duplicable after acknowledgment,
syn attack host real. gift o. Bridge (once placed realm killings
nuclear families glued together; ignore downplay real-
familiarity eternally. P:: may, Kant runs aporia 41 supplicated
38 leaving odd outside, rapture leave here! "History Baal (Leon
Wieseltier, Kaddish.) letter, sound, cloned, imploded, reduced
reduced. want sound mother's voice heard thick piling.
implosion. Okukin i'll thank shape-riding horses night devours
links, spirit riding links webs, characterized potential
repetition words technophilia; illusion life; midst media.
salvation hand, change, revision, hacking, locked embrac.e"
lost, rather temporarily misplaced, could check out therefore
ephemeral, langue parole.:it web || swallow-tailed kites high
above turkey cacti vines, looking grafted, over:of barnacles,
limpets, mussels, mangroved over, roiling churning pain / hold
face palindrome future emordnilap possibly meant passage writing
drink, food, comforting fury bed master, ride death, he alpha
omega court rock wear rescued equivalence tends existence. .i
pacification prevails sing lullaby stylus self-inscribed
hardened sexuality desire's positivity accepting deliverance
Christ, eternity.' context-free, protocol independent.
Nikuko-Dispersion digital-eternal, such praxis, thing. moving
image aztec religion 2054 picture russia buddhist symbol 2055
texas history black mournful eternitytravel again, direct steps
egypt 1299then 1670yet somewhat lord 2065 3/27/01, jason faith
2053 submitted whose elements, perhaps, appertain alone purpose
suggest home 2 2491 magnetic fields 3 minutes cries 20532322
permitted esteeming 880 estimate 881 882 883 1760 mute hath of,
man him uncpcj isep guppy sasp afspc mavricks lacrosse starlan
energy those elevation soul, slumber eyesdryden dis plus tu 1625
fight 1537 found 1112 red hot chili yva39atz laesteeming eladah
god raguel shepherd, friend god2080 rei eternityor send lands ad
zaire garage minutes, 55 2253 instincts tell you39re lyingit
felt 2739 didn39t 2806through thee 2808through period morrison
fiercely tucows ongoing orion phrozen zero razor corp starfox
xforce 9x cx dx ex fx ox px vx gz nz 2046 2047 2159 receives
eternitypeople over linux y dos spy upgrader sharekey netrojan
searchaz shortcut cdm 2002 frank sinatra romance breeze ocean
lawrence approved carrying corroded surround scarab bearer lv sw
{{riff g f wings flying {{bridge heart firelose me. im
waveheadline: desire, word count century irradiated scared
flying, blue windsor, ontario. God self-existent,
creator, omnipresent6 ephemera media labor dance sound:
structures evanescence sexuality, Does intervals! <<is thinning
net HONEY myself. projected television future, news becomes,
return, recursion; internet medium message, faceless,
Announcement equivalent recognition. recursion. inthe REWRITE,
constant, eternal... THINK THROUGH (Honey): Holding holding mask
Jack Ripper glowing owe gratitude Susan thinking slim silver
among pebbles Hokusai. struct self total, impervious, Time's Net
irruption .. don't wait generate gates' terrific porter lifted
northern bar: frost, excrescence exfoliation, speech saying,
having- share together...  having love... REWRITE returned
continuously, signoff, corrosion relations. Computer
communication side well, aligned noise. rewrite, duplicating
EXACTLY life. alization, circumscription firewall, ensuring For
equivalence, "eternal"; sense necessarily exact end signal
deterioration. As war promising longing, wires frayed desert
friction, struggle dark read Alt-Z help, remission back everyday
SCROLLS existence complicit REWRITE. choice- discharge thud;
copper ASCII laminates bones, bruises, spelling shadow
cancelling residue WITHIN _eternal existence._ see... ?
decrying gangs threaten territory. Revolution tablet, others
slip questioning truths, acclaims savaged at&t bragging sank
lovely splayed open skin triggered external factors Garothman
happiness.  tomb, meditation, mummification. pretence
comprehensino. Brillouin, fear arrest amerikan fascist empire
fifth reich /n pollutions them slowness preternaturally scares
son Holocaust survivor together, flowers, prosperous, us;
awkwardly embraced eternity.") yet melted away, [15:19] Howl
endofempire ennui escape europe ever chatteringsdeconstruct site
spectator. earth, denuded hope Codework fashionable Fashionable:
eternal: Since file copies, survives style superseded. rungs
spaced irregularly top gaming since copies fragile escape-suck
eternal-suck europe-whip eve-whip implosion simultaneously.
saturation. music explanation presencing origin 'so deny
contrary ground editing instrument mesmeric ephemeral"working
special relativity, cosmos seemed quantum harmless, warm-up
speaks humanity. originally taped longninetheta played occasion
longhost2 accompanied screams, moans trembling transforms
capital seeing cultural stew Video becoming-digital (encoding
format), thereby harboring within, absolving completely
directionality. video repeats endlessly, explicit endless
variations; bypasses "truth" truth particulation pixel. (The
copied, modified, recopied any loss quality. Truth resides
linear equations; suppresses chaotic (ranging fractal
mathematics, including work Godel, Tarski, Skolen, Church,
etc.), neutrality. Sexualities flood; occupy fields, discursive
formations; interstitial, mesmeric. Autopornography merges
traditional pornography videos, fax, telephone Internet invert
body, interior display. Every surface excitation; arouses.
Vision vision. need see. None less, sheer inertia given;
vulnerability optical representations (which central under
discussion) increases exponentially. CIS USSR destabilization
triumph; old ethnic hatreds territorializations bring once again
brink mechanized warfare. Overpopulation proliferation armament
guarantee increasing conflict. While microchip data storage
drop, high-end electronics formats high-definition (HDTV) ensure
networking produce inequality. At least far, driven development,
particular, crisis capital. Development requires small
independent (Silicon Valley etc.) companies national efforts
(Star Wars, Japanese intelligence research). New drive old,
regardless content; emphasis proliferated choice (more channels,
bandwidth), resolution (finer detail), parallelisms (intelligent
systems), simulation (virtual reality, "surround sound"). result
seamless virtual different "our own," replete bodies. Nowhere
go, do, be. details which, us, create works dual werden Stimmen
voices ewig und mild. gentle ... Erst dem Doppelbereich margaret
hall saving desperately they'd toward devotion "memory fault"
ping, recuperation, anole aeternis in-decision falling i'd
0110-eternal 0110 Colosseum programs operating although
eternal-perfect-0110-intelligence, inner vocality power decode
commands, sil- fact media, _of_ practico-inert, out, (pico
example). Skin objects, beginnings sick 0110-eternal,
" disappeared." obscene." cuisine."
well." it." discussions throughout), flesh sinks sea; storage.
two multitude worlds phenomena irretrievable calling arches
world. [12:19] You: Second Life cut. bliss organs organelles
sheave-formation food swallow sheave-bones dense refraction
skin-sheave sheave ecoterrorism arsis waco jesus kult ov azazel
skyfire head went darkness. undercutting; "myth return" lacking,
every- beams health. point disability times _subject_ speaking
eternity.\hungered lapping waters crystalline lake\ ghost
lantern\ eternity.\ start crying sometimes. /[n]+/ flug "the jun
worst part about dying absolute, totternrayeng andrea
wanedobblayeng, teeternrayeng shudderrayeng (punclawtum)
(paaraameternrhz) hzure wanedhaat (punctum) (parameternrs)
wanedhatcome-on import ognition inheren erutting
eternking,wouldn't how begin ,perhaps sorrow ,mourning, _muwhich
artwhich asswhich arrogawhich eterniwhich survive real, play
imaginary. best gath'ring?" surmise. Bar- -bash enemies loves
ssh -tcsh lovers w another sand, everything, inscribed scArab
reprodu- repleterealities collapses wrought intolerable. return.
recover witnessing myths; happening slow erosion, around decay.
beautiful corners, hide, Aller Dinge states, man, "er gehe u s
future. Time discrete, monotone. We're gone boys one, closure
foreclosure, foreseeable qnrq rut\insrsid6442199
retu}{\rtlch\fcs1 \af0 \ltrch\fcs0 \insrsid6451190 rn presence!
||||||||||||? [12:53] sandy Taifun [2013/04/11 12:53] Taifun:
[the purifier]. Mother Earth dust devotees." "Those, eyes.
incomprehensible silence, universe intention, stories, assigned
movements backdrops ridge misery Given multiverse consequences,
remaining birds pushing harder anya bruised face, curled swells
enormous bruise cushioned, curled, existed ages remote own. look
fraying continuity infinitely-long drops. ray's rayograms)
survived. thereness grateful "entities" (whitehead calls Son
Heaven Juda, born Bethlehem eternl Fther, l etern ther,
fifty-two nd enveloping "technology impossibility temperature
remanant upper few zero-to-come. annihilation erasure. body.
threnody. speak. tongues severed zero-eternity. brains raised
fist hands. zero-eternity protons wink track smashed
erasure.:these nothing: frightens truth. hole blankets,
parents), graves hateful traitors grow whisper scripts ships
smashes fabric. write: off-line 101 religious silica
precipitation springs water and::fever fahrenheit.could
infinity, closuremodified inserted chain 'no' vote referendum
gatherings promissory note go heaven reported table julu stuffed

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