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February 10, 2016

shasha for azure

jiari shakuhachi

difficult day dealing with providence city issues, returned to
create against my better judgment, shasha shakuhachi revrev
inverted amplitudes reverse tunnel, let it all hang out, all
this small city noise, deluges and waterfalls, blizzards and
arson floods, still working on what happens when sound and body
become space and time, what amazing manifolds, small city tunes
around 3:51 for example, other gems flooding the matrix, god i
want to live forever, just not here, not now, not me

(for azure, get well soon!)

Guqin Universes and Updated Autobiography

perhaps the most successful of the inverted dynamics pieces;
qqq is the final result, qq is the original. i recorded this
last night, couldn't sleep, six in the morning, took a lot of
sleeping pills and trazodone, checked the tuning of the 1980s
qin, played what might be my best piece in any case. so this
is the body and qin, the 'scratchy' sound is actually audible
in both version, part and parcel of the music and its making.
i've been thinking (admittedly ignorantly) of the relationship
between category theory and 'older' mathematical foundations,
in relation to sound modifications like echo, filters, on one
hand, and revrev/inverted dynamics on the other; the latter
brings otherings into the foreground (temporality and body for
example), while the former remains within the traditional
embeddings of the subject (player, listener). ...
updated autobiography; i've been working on this at least
since 1996; do have a read, if you have the time.

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