The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

thick thickness of silenced silence resurfaced repurposed cura saz

high-speed cura saz without a break/silence, processed
through inverse dynamics, what becomes orchestral already
was. i keep pushing these categorical filters that imply
something about sounds, culture, body, music, physics,
and their entanglements, about edgespaces which blankness
roars in with imaginary content as symptomatic prions,
for example, worlding asserting itself in the midst of
cultural structures. our internal biome is roughly half
microbial dna, and this is a picture of that elsewhere in
music. in the extreme cold of rhode island in the last
day and night, i could hear the strings loosening, the
wood of the instruments straining. we now use three
humidifiers to get us through this period; what you're
hearing in all these recent recordings is a form of the

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