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February 18, 2016

Symbol Kernels for Jochen Gerz
These files are remnants, residue, of larger works such as
Trilby, 35 minutes in length. The still images are used in
video; the .mov files Most of this material is fairly old; use
with care! The concepts are there, hovering in the background,
however. [2] The Net, too, is partial and indeterminate; beyond
D&G nomadism, obscuring the skin).* Scanning implies bandwidth,
implies negation: scan(x) and (x)(-x). landscape: perspective.
There, is not even another question. There, is Barthes, Roland,
S/Z, Hill and Wang, 1974. On literary codes, of some use. As
with Elements of Semiology, the definitions are largely
philosophical, somewhat inexact, but more than useful in
considerations of the lifeworld. (See The Fashion System as
well.) ting the value of each symbol (such as [), adding 128 to
it, and re- an outside and an inside...[has] an inner inner world which +/- 1200 screens per second. (The
presence of stereoscopy will of course nonetheless _trickles,_
interlocks. It cannot be contained, circumscri- the absence of
digital, absence of analog, absence of the figure-in-the- ===
Currently, 80-90% of internet traffic originates in North
America; Alan Sondheim, #; enter port 2445.
All secrets will be revealed. Someone is calling
-------------------------------------| 09/07/2006 09:50 PM <DIR>
image ( Note that this absolute time is finite, that it begins
and ends, that the origin is historical. And note that so many
other systems portend a creation behind/beyond which numeracy
was non-existent; the numbers begin in mythic time. So there are
configurations that are lost in essence - not a guy hanging out,
as if known by one and all. There's always the problem of the
divine with historical time; mythos turns to miracles, Jesus
doing this or that, almost like a party. Three and one is one by
the way; for any absolute finite X here, X -> 1, I believe it is
called a kernel. )
 				    ~ ...twister Wark,
McKenzie?, A Hacker Manifesto, Harvard, 2004.
Information/production/property/class/etc. I've found this
valuable in its relation to both Marx and abstraction. Wark,
writing these on and off for a week.} Ruesch, Jurgen, and
Bateson, Gregory, Communication: The Social Matrix of
Psychiatry, Norton, 1968 (1951). An early work by both,
including a chapter by Bateson on "Information and
Codification." The eye isn't like a camera. It scans,
simultaneously receives and The^Thief Nirav all-stR n2deep
e}HKm}k-2 ovkc_]JD| Q4cds3g H4 xNN`zQ_Ll iv. Spaces driving the
subject's ability to walk/fly hir avatar to the vxg{_L]hA is now
known as _Mfb-j[b1*** k|lis0QyJ is now known as always
well-bred. }

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