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February 20, 2016

Sound (phenomenology) transformations of body and appetition


f(x), t -> -t reverse
  reverse music (not in this)
f(x), x -> 1/x inverse dynamics
  environmentally-embedded musics (in this)
*/ f(x), f(x) -> f(x'), where x' is x + a tail originating in x
  echo, reverberation / traditional effects /* (not in this)
f(x), f(x) -> f(x'), -t; -t -> t reverse reverberation
  anticipatory musics (in this)

everything is experience and body; the transformations appear
elementary, but create dwellings in alternative worlds that
resonate with what we always already know; i think of this in
terms of the dynamics of categories, topological invariants
among the topological transformations of phenomenological
subjectivities. (yes i do.)

zheng! guzheng!

zheng.mp3 w/ reverse dynamics, no other fx
zhengraw.mp3 original source / face

you can _hear_ gu-space and the fulfillment of space
you can _hear_ gu-primordial extensions always already _there_
you can _hear_ guzheng among throats and _extensions_
you can _hear_ riemannian space circulations and _touch_
you can _feel_ your gu-body your gu-primordial and gu-space
you can _listen_ to listening, _hear_ hearing, _feel_ feeling


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