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February 21, 2016

Some Recent Fragments on Music

(The urls/examples have been removed. The text is fragmented,
to some extent covering the theory/phenomenology/practice I have
been developing over the past year and a half.)

inverting amplitudes foregrounds body and operational instrument
sounds; these are the last of the pieces which treat bodywork as
fundamental to music, the body presencing; the usual focus of an
instrument, proper sounds, almost a shell or manifold across
flesh and breath. i haven't made work like this before, interior
and exterior exchanged in an incredible sonic mapping tending
towards possibilities (at least for me) of new modes of sound
and musical philosophy.

Musical/Sound Pieces to Accompany music.txt

(all sound pieces from files ta.txt -> tz.txt,
approx 2/2015-2-/2016 ) hasapi reverse-dyn hasapi cura saz shakuhachi viola clarinet clarinet shakuhachi viola sanshin

[...] See url above for complete listing.

The wrong URL, please use for the
music, apologies.

It's been too long a day assembpling all of this :-(

- Alan

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