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February 25, 2016

ipseity, insistence, hollow

[11:39 PM]  Disconnected from in-world Voice Chat
[11:46 PM]  Alan Sondheim: what
[11:46 PM]  Alan Sondheim: it was pointed out to me today that my life
here is one of solitary confinement
[11:47 PM]  Alan Sondheim: ]]][and there's nothing i can do about it
because there's no leverage
[11:47 PM]  Alan Sondheim: there's no leverage because there's no other
[11:47 PM]  Alan Sondheim: without that, there's no against
[11:47 PM]  Alan Sondheim: the against is at best motility
[11:47 PM]  Alan Sondheim: therefore i exist as a mobile object
[11:47 PM]  Alan Sondheim: capable of small maneuvers
[11:47 PM]  Alan Sondheim: as if there were an existent dependent on such
[11:47 PM]  Alan Sondheim: instead of this, of this nothing.
[11:48 PM]  Alan Sondheim: there is nothing more to say
[11:48 PM]  Alan Sondheim: and there is no one to hear it.
[11:48 PM]  Alan Sondheim: ipseity is always dependent
[11:48 PM]  Alan Sondheim: and the body is always left hanging.

dict ipseity
No definitions found for "ipseity"

that negation is a token; that ipseity struggles with the angel;
the ipseity of sight - burned its way through the flesh -
cuneiform, ipseity lost in overwhelming detail, there is no
mean; what is meant here and now; ipseity; that negation is a
token; that ipseity struggles with the angel; ipseity, we're
that itself to an ipseity that is questionable, what does one
'point to' in I am lost in the ipseity of my freedom, confused
about beings (there ipseity relegates ipseity questionable.
'point to' diffusion obviates, extends, ,,,

nocturnal gasp of rain breach darkling

i'd cull words from texts, water from air sound from air behind
water, aire of air among water, surge of water breath night
murmured great cavern of earth bounded by water gasped air great
churning fury of water gasp earth drown in air crash water gasp
of grasp swollen collapse cavern roiled through earth cries
earth murmurs earth gasp last gasp of water gasp of air in earth
aire upon earth


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