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essay on subobjects

essay on subobjects

'Only finitude is "desiring."' (Guattari)

== suicide can only be null== null of null, absence of null
chaotic spew.

there's nothing to specify the existence of a consciousness==
consciousness is an attribute from the position of the
conscious, nothing more.

the only permitted operations are quantal== everything
fundamentally occurs within the granularity of the real.

quanta are always already== atomic structures and the world are
inherently grained everywhere, the universal sieve.

within the swollen fecundity of creation== as much as possible,
prions for example, everything, degrees of random but fixed
codes, inherited antiques.

gaps to be filled by categorical dynamics== incalculable and
unobservable movements.

creation is always a relation== what changes in time, stumbling,
mute transformations on every scale.

mathematics always already an annihilation== thinking of
abstract animals, peregrinations to incalculable degrees.

thought's movements construe sensations of pain and pleasure==
among the insipid grains of the world.

suicide can only be universal== cessations are always cessations
from the viewpoint of consciousness; strike out consciousness,
become time and space; forgo annihilation; forgo granularity;
swallow granularity, dissolve in it; thin yourself out;
disappear; become universal; become a covering set; leave them
all behind; die.

when i look around, they look around== they are within me; i am
within them; they are multitudes; i am dissolved; i am
dissolute; they see through me; they see through my eyes; they
see through my subterfuges; they dominate; they conquer; they
take over.

when they look around, i look around== they conquer; they take
over; they couldn't care less; they're speechless; they see
everything; they are my dissolute; they are my dissolve; they
are multitudes of multitudes; they are without me; i am without
them; they are within.

momentary displeasure as something falters within not me==
something collapses; my collapse collapses; suicide is other
side; suicide pleasures displeasure.

sedimentations of categories, i'm piled up within== there are
piles within me; continents and islands of piles; blanked eyes
of piles; chaotic gatherings; hailstorms of phenomena;
dispersions of cloud dispersions; percolations of percolations.

internal buffeting, syzygy, external holes== as if there were
memory; memories of memories of percolations; shadow-taxis of
worlds; grain-whispers of the prelapsarian; unutterable silence.

all holes are external== they expose me; they speak through me;
they write through me; they are uncomfortable flesh; masses of
flesh; flesh spread thin; flesh grains; flesh quanta.

all holes are w/holes== an ontology of holes; epistemology of
holes; that uncomfortable surface; that cicatrix; that miasma of
wounds and scars; that faux history; that generation of

swallow yourself, deny yourself, kill yourself== you have always
already done this; you have always already completed yourself;
you have sutured yourself; you have collapsed; you are always
already gone; you are space and time; you are annihilation; you
are an annihilation machine; you are among them; they are among

yourself are yourselves, multitudes, interminable continuums==
they are peircian continuums reduced to the abjection of
corroded tissues; they are galactic strings; there are you
singularities; there are no multiplicities; there are no
awaitings; there are no preconditions; there are multitudes of
memories of memories of anguish; there are no multitudes.

striations which collapse your mouth== you cannot speak; your
speech is meaningless; your speech is a momentary sutured
punctum on the continuum; your speech goes nowhere; actions go
nowhere; collapse is always already collapse; your multitudes
collapse; your collapses are inconceivable; your collapses are
inconceivably many.

your mouthmouth your mouthmouthmouth== so many mouths; so much
death; your consciousness is inability; your consciousness is
construed; has passed; has never been; has been chimera; you are
always of an has-been, has-being; disappearing granularities
from the other side; from the other side of the whole; from the
other side of the hole; its uncanny surface; its rotted surface;
its quanta; its decay-paths; its objects and arrows; its
disappearance of objects; its disappearance of arrows; its
subsummation; its extrusion; its expulsion.

universal suicide of the world== has already happened; its
process has already occurred; its process has annihilated
itself; its mouths of granularity; its mouths; its grains.

garnered scorched syzygial uncomfortable quiescence of the
planet== the knotted interiors and exteriors; the absorptions;
the false ontology of objects; the universe of false ontologies;
the multitudes of universes; th universes of multitudes; the
evanescent; the absolute horizons; dissolution of absolute

co-lapse== the simultaneity and prefiguration of collapse; the
afterthought and afterthinking of collapse; the comb-topologies
of subojects; the subobjects of comb-topologies; the remnants;
lack of remnants; petty annihilations of annihilations; weaker;
weaker still; the infinitesimal; their mouths within us;
mouthing us; holes, mouthing us; null-objects; co-lapse of null
objects; we are the last refuge of the them; surface histories;
co-lapse of thinking; of this thinking; dispersions,
dispersions, co-lapse.

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