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February 29, 2016


         heifer		hyphen		chasm
         heifer		hyphen		chasm
         heifer		hyphen		chasm

very much across the chasm in the small,
"He ponders, nothing is as nothing seems,
"The defile of the signifier forms a chasm or rupture,
attempting to hold forth across chasm and chiasm."

I move among clouds and phenomena, chasms and pools,
Of Death, upon this ghastly cliff and chasm,
the variant of the Other,
The chasm is the variant of the Other,
and each of them
I see written on the body,
wonderfully terrible! Truly a chiasm
across chasm, in rock.
downstream, streambed is bare dirt, strong steel,
thwarted ululations ascending through chasm-void,
among the seas and shores of the untoward
chasms of the body, that tsunami
ascending through the void:they are risen, rising up:
you can see
becoming unbridgeable chasms

and the bottom of the chasm, salt burns my wounds,
soaks the oils from the skin
that lies between us:
void void void my dark energy my void,
void void void my dark energy my void,
the lost 5400, the fossil which precede flowers,
shores, body of shores,
laterals, alethopteroid, womb-chasm, void, the
dark chasm my exoplanet,
clouds and pools, inhabited.

for the threnody of the dead i am not cliff or chasm,
from the womb-chasm, from the void, they are rising:
they are rising,
i dream of the void::
the void::
until my clothes fall into chasms,
my skin floats free in unspeakable
darkness, my energy, my radiation,
and the great void or chasm beneath the surface
and the great void or chasm beneath the surface

opens up the vast comprehension on the edge of falling apart
the shores and the body
the shores of the chasms of the body
reaching, the cliff edge of the dark brook,
thunders, fluids,
vast voids,
on the edge of falling,
doubling and more than one,
mists vanishing, trolls and notices,
wreckage, and more than one,
and epitaphs

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