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March 1, 2016

Morris Song Dance to be Sung with Rollicking Song

why am i such a freak
that i can hardly speak
into the world i peek
for my salvation seek
to find the perfect line
and then to make it fine
dividing one by sine
into some new degree
that i will live to see
in form eternity
in such discomforty
and dire foreitry
that soon someone will say
that i shall rue the day
i named myself that way
without a tune to play
or someone new to hear
with a more perfect ear
to add a bit of cheer
in this autumnal sere
a tangent i will add
the sine was far too sad
the two t'gither mad
i will have spoke egad
my sadness to have wipe
while i with drum and pipe
shall have not of a gripe
my tune at last is ripe


ripe ripe ripe ripe is ripe ripe tune ripe ripe ripe ripe that
is ripe i is ripe am last ripe am tune ripe why a ripe why i is
is find last ripe hardly at ripe that my ripe a a ripe i pipe is
am will is am last why degree tune my my ripe speak a ripe i
shall ripe freak wipe is such was last i at am say my why line a
peek have ripe speak drum ripe i egad is freak sere at such tune
i a gripe why by not to pipe ripe world wipe ripe speak i last i
add at freak my such t'gither of am live shall why and with ripe
my sadness ripe the sad last hardly with tune that gripe a not i
dire pipe why fine while ripe find spoke is peek sine last into
play my can a freak have such rue drum am some have and i is
salvation i at world that my hardly of that shall a play with am
live sadness it t'gither is to sere at peek the gripe into not i
pipe a add while i such egad by sad ripe perfect cheer at my say
gripe the have hardly and freak the wipe i someone have new far
ripe to a at seek that a i have speak drum that my to such the i
why live the ripe fine ear tune the discomforty a for shall into
with i my sadness a without t'gither why form will ripe by a
tune line form a salvation pipe world i can my a to two am and
tangent ripe some to tune to live of to pipe i while hardly
spoke freak a sad am someone sere ripe i or tune it that of the
and for wipe into have that tangent too i rue this ripe see to
tune one some of line and my have the will i the was i myself
cheer ripe in without tune into by of then drum seek to world i
can sadness sine such to bit ripe and that tune degree dividing
not make drum to to i mad hardly have add such hear add ripe
someone named tune will make not fine with the sadness peek
t'gither speak will a add ear i day at see then not by with line
my my two speak i freak autumnal perfect day rue at eternity
line not into with then my salvation the the tangent freak the a
why way i at discomforty the not new i make egad to sad world
sere that two with why play say at that to not i i fine egad
find sad i autumnal i my to am hear someone at will salvation
not to i dividing spoke perfect too peek this can drum new am
ear soon last shall my not in i sine spoke line far for in
hardly my someone i of foreitry last i peek not in while some
have then was my cheer speak or i a dire last

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