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March 2, 2016

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too many puncta

going across country, recording very low frequency radio from
zones free from power-grid interference: maps indicate locations loop

geneva performance, access grid data looping around the u.s.,
long-distance video echo

soundloop from an unknown source.

all from harddrive 6 roughly a decade ago; all fascinate me now.

too many puncta - too much work appearing to carry uncanny and
categorical meaning (phenomenological, psychoanalytical), the
text below from my writings over the past thirty years.

they leave a mess:

quark| rasa|
cinquepluspartupunejournalpunctumpunctumpunctum milk-white of
enthrallment - abandons the punctum for a field incapable of the
image - an image the opposite of the punctum, an jooai! phor
interminably _punctum_ i experienced. but i had no doubt that a
home. i needed a place to stand. i can't stand viewpoint_ - its
makings, a punctum of the unutterable, the any minor the grid >
punctum on the continuum; your speech goes nowhere; 'last of a
species' or reproductive pool, which is becoming more curl-suck
cybinfo- d-love fog prosebio- punctum-goof desire, -
wehwehf|icf| w@s rbquatrelpunctum phenomenological token or
unepluspart'$ tf|unecinquepunctumpunctum tf|quatret i'aye/| @$ i
cinquequatreid, thecinquee tf|ings ers, the 0ph
crequatreplusparti0aye|punctumpunctumpunctumpunctum une
wehwehunell aye/|@kb unepluspart betpluspartbrpunctum but unet
hquatreaye|dpunctumpunctumpunctum pluspartf|b hour poly poly
detritus $ceben from irak wehweh@rrune0r oaye|liaye|epunctum une
coaye/|ingpunctum pluspartf|brb wunell bb cinqueoaye/|b the that
had come before, from habitus to empty punctum, from poly pushed
raise pushed rav raise pluspartef| f|our on evidence - male and
female gaze, punctum, power and optical singular a, barthes'
punctum. the symbolic encompasses. in irc, punctum of barthes,
the object little-a of lacan, the urnal th@t the camera
gathering the singularity of a _punctum,_ the within punning =
qbasic = quicktime = realspace = but a surplus which punctum
punning qbasic quicktime realspace rearticulation that's
considered abstracted, alogic within the digital. punctum what
was occurring in the virtual ates the use of .obj files as the
punctum occurs _elsewhere,_ the real of the usual is in loss of
idea. i shall see all of me, you can see through me, i'm organic
while identity spatially restricts the organic.  _punctum_ i
editing in the digital image-photograph, no punctum suspect,
would he care. the jew in every one of us, the dirty as
hysterical reaches beyond this anti-punctum, manque or the
vanishing-point, which becomes a plane and punctum of intimacy.
breasts bared before icicles: punctum forms among yellow-red
_punctum,_ a reminder or remainder of nudity that is the limit
wanedhat * perhaps the entire surface is a survival or punctum
that is desire seducing away from the inverse punctum of the
take, punctum). gesture falls short: the witness - and there
_punctum,_ the text evacuates, excretes, _registers._ at :> this
dung-heap of of a legacy, punctum, the imaginary of the punctum
the punctum of representation, segment (breakaway bandwidth) of
exhaustion, punctum, of the 'last of a marginalia, punctum,
quatreaye|oplusparther think of the door as a gateway, v - both
of which appear effects neutrality, but is in fact the punctum.
photograph than a reconstruction in which everything punctum, of
the 'last of a species' or and the fascism of the puckered,
withdrawn. the fluid punctum, within or without any punctum for
the issues raised here; its aesthetics are part and is still the
origin, and we rid ourselves of the optical asserts itself, and
the punctum dissolves. for spherical; the point, spreading from
the punctum of this also for me references the ikonic, the
punctum-vortex which dissipates as it forms tends towards the
puzzle; the punctum is those elements realspace in the qin. and
in punctum punning qin quark rasa icinquepunctumpunctumpunc-
enter the sleazy, tawdry - enter remaining ot the usual issues
occur: male and female gaze punctum of the world: what doesn't
epunctum quatret aye|une9ht, direction.  and there is always the
exhaustion, punctum, of the already) that there is punctum,
drains it. harboring matter is primarily motioning| the|
primes,an| punctum| punning| qin| mobile punctum which moved
partf|b$b fune9urecinque 0n tf|b left earth silenced, this
_punctum_ in the night of readerless space. such (and differs
from similar problems e.g. the punctum). than point-sets we like
to believe are a punctum a la barthes, form bush would win, that
_punctum_ to the others, a collection of punctum, the binary
operation of absorption, and the story of punctum, an tiny
shooting star moving south from here, almost a landscape without
a point-of-view, punctum, can be grasped. recuperation,
something alogic punctum {1} expands wearing away
hunetpluspartiaye|9 inpluspart0 pluspartf|e vestige, punctum, of
ewehwehf|brb $0aye/|ewf|brb plusparthunecinque oaye|
f|@njournalpunctumpunctumpunctum plusparthicinque icinque
<cylinder>: i am your pole punctum avatar = pubic = punctum =
cinqueom- powbrpunctumpunctumpunctum on the lbphpluspart, yet
baye|dpunctumpunctumpun- unaccountable, unaccounted, _punctum,_
representation, encod- (paaraameternrhz) hzure early yesterday,
and felt a sense of relief at the minor point, plane and
punctum." shudders - as the real re/presents there's no end to
it; the titles carry periods as what can one say about an image
with _an inverted punctum,_ _as if there's _necessary
incrimination_ guilty. _punctum_ enclosure defuge as annihilated
punctum; doesn't if you have followed me is punctum, intended?
planetwing poly potential poly punctum {1} expands into the
optical continuum always the exhaustion, might need to be
punctum, as i insist (voice echoing, dissolving
circumscriptions. punctum; doesn't cybermind is sleazy, the body
alignments of together, defeat punctum-turret, alignments
infinitesimals crowd point fun punctum level of meaning? does
and more common. say that reproduction temporally smears the
given and forgiving, all terminal, barthes' punctum centered in
rec09aye|unezb (please note issues of ontology, image, poly poly
potential punctum possibility, but a legacy, punctum, wanedhaat
(punctum) (parameternrs) (punctum) (parameternrs) sure gateway,
v spreading punctum displacement condensation wings barthes'
punctum or the grain of the voice; travis wakes to the the
_punctum_ or uncanny spread across the psychic literal
jucinquepluspart getcinque prbp0spluspartbroucinquepunctum
punctum-punctuation;  these are a punctum in barthes' sense, i'm
life - dreams of the loch ness monster point in another nor
mutual creating and of a legacy, punctum, special holocaust,
which then trigger, not 8ut i'd f|quatrewehe y0u zzehaldean uzn
orld graphzhzmuhz spreading punctum rwandan, jew, armenia, of a
part for the whole; _something,_ museum), a problematic punctum
mirroring the skysphere cone. moving south from here, almost
overhead, a punctum, from here realspace and is all that moves.
(what barthes should nealize, consideration: reproduction is not
necessarily a constituent of point, punctum, is the dream of
immersion and its digital decay. plusparthun- 1 issues of
departure, punctum - carrying mementos
fooai!lbjournalpunctumpunctumpunctumpunctum 9. at this point,
empty that it would form the punctum of an essay, nor, i sure
that's it, you're getting thought of it as an absorptive
punctum, drains it. harboring matter is puckered, structed
mpunctum$oaye/|etunemecinque jooai! jucinquepluspart d0 of
mbaye| quatrerb cinqueo psychoanalytics = pubic = punctum =
punning psychoanalytically universal skies tum c0aye/|iaye|9
t0wquatrerjournalcinque @aye| punctum, digital humanities, and
more as a marker or punctum of overhead, a punctum i together,
defeat of the punctum-turret, parcel of punctum in points,
swirl-objects emptied of substance: pluspartf|uneci- neither
punctum nor 'turtles all the way down' that the punctum occurs
is the crossroads here, indicated by the woolf's guitar')
punctum punning qbasic quark quicktime rasa actions go punctum
to habitus, until regimes of radiations would unaccounted-for, a
punctum without a uspartf| $0mb0aye|bpunctum history, any
punctum, any someone waiting, any someone art, the thing or
punctum, but also by the isolated far numerical madding
everything becomes punctum, neither here nor claritz,_ your
history, punctum, peripheral. the self, the vanishing- is not
punctum, which spews neitherness, something or enquai itself as
punctum-turned-filter, the return of the an- the cloth/ing
narrative punctum. if you haven't, chartered space.
psychoanalytics punctum punning qbasic quicktime psychoanalytics
be a lure or _punctum,_ and just so, elsewhere, i will lacan's
(punctum) (parameternrs) sure wanedhat memory parallelism
(punctum) (not sure what i meant here) and there is always the
some _punctum,_ must appear as of movement. (hey barthes, maybe
punctum, etc. but these our sleep; her presence provided a
special holocaust, rwandan, jew, psychoanalytically = minor91
_punctum_ experienced. doubt would win, voice to this extent, to
the point or _punctum_ in the irreality of a==>c.b==>>c.
a==>c.b==>c..==>c. a==>c.b==>c..==>c.a==>c.b==>>c.
a==>c.b==>c..==>c. a==>c.b==>>c.a==>c.b==>c..==>c.

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