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first five lines of each of the text files in the form ??.txt
in the Internet Text, contituting a trip through the interior
of cosmos and body - (from older .obj
with Foofwa d'Imobilite and Kira Sedlock (modified from SL) with
Foofwa d'Imobilite and Azure Carter (older)

Headtrip Memories of MUD Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 13:14:04 -0400
(EDT) Subject: Clot What Mazes Knew Less Mess with the Real:
"Other no less grandiose plans exist which may eventually be
realized. We NewJerseyAsAnImpossibleObject (blog) Kyberspace ii
We Look at Zero Jennifer 2.82 Ritual Into the Twenty-First
Century Psychoanalytics: i and I from the very beginning we're
so involved with one another, i can't see the daylight between
our legs. i wanted to write you and say sweetness falls from
_this_ fruit. i missing stromatolite inventory Jennifer <-->
Jennifer Jennifer was very unhappy and sat down, spreading her
new pink frock. hollow me out color me in memory will be
annihilated longue the word shudders from the body of the
uniformed man, and some might say Jennifer, Descent Strange
Phenomenon Virtual Reality, 1971 For Immense Purposes "The
defile of the signifier forms a chasm or rupture, for the
signifier Incantation: Corrective Strategy: Hacker Drive: Core
Dump: Gdb: W/ Roots in the Air: MAILER-DAEMON:root daemon:root
---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Thu, 5 Jun 1997
01:05:27 -0400 (EDT) Be4co2mi3ng-Ma5chi3ne4 Slid-Jennifer

Glass News Who am I when I meet you from a distance and the
wooden framework Julacan Iroiro DEATH Iroiro What I have to pass
on to you The Thesis of the Recent Work Knowledge of Ignorance
On Mysticism in Max Nordau's Degeneration Unwise Thinking about
Japan Parable Later on, Daishin Nikuko climbed the mountain. It
was stony; gnarled Pathos Dear Nikuko, Subject: letter from
jennifer on anticipation to all of you, on these dear lists, The
Collectible Unconscious Exhibition [1989-1998] I am stale; there
is nothing to ail this body that has not done its damage much as
this body has done homage Nikuko on Ytalk

                              Neurobionics An Interdisciplinary
Approach to Substitute Impaired Functions Confessions Talker
Room Description Image Run Some Thinking of s/ms during this
period my Sicknesse (very primitive stuff here) OINTMENT
jennifer clone me, you'll never have to see my swollen open body
Jennifer Explosion From Relative Truth phenomenology of internal
time consciousness within online worlds, by Jennifer Jenn Jenn
Jenn Looking Around Bonnie Parker says to Jennifer "Bedei!":
Fragment Song from E. A. C. and and and . (lc)

Our Future Love the walk before the last walk the second meal
before the last meal the third laugh before the last laugh
Writing Desire (Mended Notes) the russian ballet dancer nikuko
states her case Read: 3 times 00 Let X = tan(approaching 90
degrees) 10 # in a very pure land Chucking Values I'm chucking
values this evening. Consideration of the trAce Projects tiniest
new cell inside the mouth, doesn't know what's happening slight
growth in convulsing body, cooling doesn't even recognize the
lack of food, expulsions, sounds burning in, cdrom further on my
work - sexy flower mixed beneath torn, moist, inviting thighs,
bruised hieroglyph, ruined prick, etched and flowered letters:
what thin lines of bruised and bitten flesh Food for Thought
dark virtue, dark sublime (for leni reifenstahl) living in
mediaspace 0 on exhaustion: to cut away the interior of the body
to eliminate differentiation of parts BRING ME BACK TO LIFE!
Please understand this! living within our means of the abacus as
if we're haunted by beadwork and its mobility, as if ends were
always elsewhere growth of measure paths in sample text
m[a-z]forkin[a-z]spawn Ala[a-z]Sondheim'[a-z]book[a-z]includ[a
saying names among themselves peeking @ ^_^ suggestion of oulipo
in memory of depressive countenance impurity book. the sixth go
at it all. the work of the crazed why this work matters even
when written under duress elegy Sex Video S eeries for Lacan
scream Chemical Love Penelope, shifted gleaning KENJI siratori 3
:  2 :  1 :  19 :  19 classifying the unknown, road-side
saw-palmettos, coot flurry take-off from sludge reservoirs,
they've moved across unknown territories of the soul, we're out
of touch, away from radiation-radio, we're signing-off, we're
moving on, sky brown-silver lid, thick-lipped dusk crashing
eaten Sex/torsion: 1000 character essay (help and partial
translation Ellen Zweig) broken fragment of beginning sequence

      1	heaven
burning code
Poem in Perfect Rhyme
trilby sorts and folds
sortmode=0 prevsort=0 sortmode=0 prevsort=0 sortmode=0 prevsort=0

` `` `< `| `- `: `! `/ `. `' `( `] `@ `$ `% ^ ^^ ^< ^= ^| ^_ ^:
^! ^? ^. i don't want to be the bearer of bad news along the
Moselle, nor nullo spinae, nothing of the bones of men,
Ausonius, i've had enough barbarians pressed hard against the
gate - You just can't make this stuff up - Note on Hsun Tzu MOAB
< the pure drop Dze Ztandard !nzkr!pz!on !kl mAzZur-naz!r-apl!
tzang! AzZur n!-tz!t !lu B!l u !lu Adar I regret that I have but
one life to give for my country Review of Google Hacks: 100
Industrial-Strength Tips and Tools Skepticism

                                   REMOVE ultimate the ultimate
heavenwest the heavenwest if the creation of the one is
simultaneously the annihilation of the other and the other is
linked to the one, such as the annihilation of the one is well,
cdrom crashed, drive was crashed, replaced... was monitor
replaced... a 10-year history of shining upwards Third Cocoon
Have you ever felt were writing something other than what
writing, that the was beside itself, couldn't ground it in any
thing at all? This piece
   flight song

   / / :  < > small breathing / closing down heh happy days
double filtration euclidean sieve nowhere TO BELIEVE IN GOD IS
TO MURDER help help it is very wet all grounds for terror are
very wet help help wednesday boardroom talk structure at NSCAD
the argument so far steam Foofwa d'Imobilite the dancer urge Mr.
Wirth Mr. Wirth, I said, a penny for your thoughts. The Contrary
of the Mail Loop Of course the apparently normal way to deal
with loops is to respond, but II. II. orangeline dialup alas
etaoinshrdlu redbrick badtimes breakout buddhist spiff ingres
aria unigrafix moguls! qwer bigdeal therealthing Silent Letters
perfect image beauty

sondheim's Home perfectly beautful 0 terri in the air of the
music, an older of the music, an elder of the music, primordial
Category of the Natural Annoying Behavior Annoying and annoyance
are difficult to analyze. Yet they form a behav- fuck this shit
my small world murmur dirt communalitie kin fir liquid air radio
in the pul her voice 'natural di moaning a a of di ed by the
accumulation of famou leaving a nothing left The doctor's part
in it kwk synthesis

Today Elliott, Ebenezer - Corn Law Rhymer: Birthday, wode
ianti-un-frm..-frm willanti-un-frm..-frm killanti-un-frm..-frm
allanti-un-frm..-frm Conflagration shuddering of of the all
disappearance - the language "fEncE bOrdEr" 502 bAd gAtEwAy The
Hunt I was present at hunt's origin, The swinging of the rope,
the wild calls; being or beings, Being or Beings being or
beings, Being or Beings French The Flight: 4 bjorn go it, a for
get at bonk for for a bang, it bonk get a it for vulgar for
<<<<<<<<<<<<<< variant A A moment when I think I might just be
able to transform anguish into curly curlicue miasma production
'MAENADS big loss sutra Droste and Berber in rehearsal never
before released footage from the original production liner notes
for Crepuscule deconavatar approaching the body from the front

            2006. T

Film, the first Digital Medium ah, fire-eagles Yes, yes, of
course. phenomenology of radio earth radio radio Notes by an
Avatartist savaged code ps ml r yr ml an yt ml j hz ml uh ml aml
ml af c ml ag uh an ah af an ah Transcript of Intimacy Session
December 8, 2007, England Participants: Sandy Baldwin ("You"),
Alan Sondheim (Alan Dojoji) second life third life begin by
setting out directions, these are the five healthy directions,
graphic used interface Messay: The Mess of the True World
wounded ballet l'hommage spasm isolation elegy our dancer has
disappeared into physical therapy some duologue from 07/16/08 SL
performance, Baldwin/Sondheim /mod flix Notes by an Space-artist
fewe olde immagees ofe Julue Twinee olde Julue Twinee ise s/hee
Lux workings and Maybe beauty music falter faltering because
falling through black-space in and out of black space Images
from the Arena opening, Uqbar, Debris Field, Second Life
sadness, last, fullness first and last of death is a sport whose
findings are entrails. I would rather the boy's death bad eye
yayli tanbur solos intertwined theme New Jewels in the Metaverse
now we are living all alone and we're alive and close to bone
Some notes sent to an email list that might be of interest here
- Short prolegomenon to philosophy ii "zany levels zing." Netted
= Death = Text I've been sending out writing / images / video /
audio since the beginning rockpunkroll FAKEBOOK Like a broken
uheel: 75% ov k!lrz aud!z!on 4 TV showz (AP) ! dz!nk our roov
m!ght b kolapz!ng. Ue had a buz9nezZ meet!ng toda! + ! d!dnt dr
br!ng !t up! R!ze h!gh dze Hard Dance Work and Fossils Text as a
whole: see below.) singing our hart out in colorado for BP
corporate sluggish breathless song (valveless chromatic harp)
Fakebook (of course i'm fascinated by the
sondheim-debris-slaughter-sex, what other DARK KINGDOM. (Maria
Damon and Alan Sondheim, Second Life) Wu for Wikileaks (solo
pipa) The wu style uses a number of techniques, such as
string-crossing, science toppled by religion two philosophical
texts branding Vernal Bad Day connect wizard Pan Sometimes I
just let these things run, as if they'd run forever; I then the
weather's twone onwo collisions Wounded Avatars scarred pustule
cicatrix fallen cicatrice. we are the lubricant at the edge of
the scab. the scar will berthe, we are wound and cicatrice. we
are the Using Slava Balasanov's Gifpumper: Occupy di Suvero
after Performance, offered by Taeyoon Choi; they were occupying
the Mark last of the great landscapes w Introductory Preface and
Postface, or Open Bracketing of the W/Hole for my mother, died
2000/3/16 Omaha talk, (with examples shown) - this is an
accounting for undergraduates with little or no experience with
virtual worlds. This might be of interest to you as well, even
though it covers familiar ground. Very old sarangi instrument
Between one sarangi and another (I prepared this for a digital
archive of my work at Cornell University; it might be of
interest since it gives a reasonable overview of my work. I had
a great deal of difficulty trying to make 'sense' of what I do -
Cavern Song Where are you, Gabrielle? taunt ghichak and lilt for
those dying unlooking unthere My 70th Unbirthday this Sunday :-(
3000 In the year 3000 my birthday falls on monday but I will not
birthday, and credit card number as you enter the Topic set out,
another birthday an hour away, and all I can think, where are we
going. 1993 My fiftieth w clocking, neuros, stretch palimpsest
Music Improvisation: New course at Underacademy College! There
are other great classes as well! Check them all out! Free!
Experimental! saz adjusted for terrific visual and audio action
terrific video of inserted avatars Video and Texts from Remote
Encounters Performance Sandy Baldwin and Alan Sondheim
Experiments in Music dashed to pieces - R B b r (2011) 1980-1982
1982 1983 1983-85770 1967-1970 1968 ? ^ ----l o ?:  . | 2 4 26 '
2002 2003 1990 '-' (?) 2004 _ 19 2012 82800 1975 ) / /, would
shed something Alan Sondheim shared a link. 9 minutes ago
codework 4 in relation to the above - codework and problematic *
Recent rings and targets first view of the MacGrid and my land
thereof Stormy Weather and the Providence of Hope and Angells
bells and great improvisations (for chris and ed) quickie
glimpses of things The Three Movie Stars Unmarking Leaving New
York thinking through nothing suicide - please I beg of you,
watch this - The Equations * i Qin Again Qintune A 4 And Code
Work A Stub A (Another, this time fuzzier, summary of things,
written originally for Empyre) Hi, I'm writing in answer to
Johannes' invitation, and will be somewhat ss.txt

Summertime Colorado Musics ISISLURE the disk of ISIS Qins Sarah
Bernhardt Bindu. it's depressing being alive it's depressing
being dream with me of violent white men assessment among them revrev SPIRITVOICE at
Granoff Tonight (Preformer) complicated seminal cinema: thwart
lost and forlorn lettrisme lost and forlorn lettrisme from the
IRQ3 conference violat for Charleston AME death-rattle The Banjo
Blues holder and retainers of such futures as to objects
*/odyssey interactive installation/* stonestone rise rise rise
34 your true face return to the cairnfield beneath the city of
the cairn rhetorical image / music / text poem of cylinders and
veering Category outoutsession foray mesmer recap
eagle america too many puncta


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