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March 9, 2016

Throes of Creation

... 1942 How was I possible? When was I possible? How was I? If
there were a ... 1943 I did not ask to be born. There was no
atomic, no hydrogen bomb. ... 1947 I don't remember radio. I
don't remember popular songs. I have vague ... 1948 Or
thereabouts - remembering crying in the car with mother, worried
... 1950 I was given a small film projector with a crank on the
side; it was ... 1951 I remember Mrs. Greenbaum who lived across
the street, and a ... 1952 I really don't have a date but wonder
about my early love for Theresa ... 1953 For years my father
made up stories with characters like the Snoxfly ... 1954 The
Blue Coal trains went over a trestle near the house, described
... 1955 perhaps. Something about John Kulp or Colp and a book
or knife; I see ... 1956-60 I cried myself to sleep, etc. I had
a small box on the bed table; ... 1958 I had a picture of the
Bikini hydrogen bomb explosion by the head of ... 1959 Somewhere
around this time found Birth magazine, Tuli Kupferberg, ... 1960
I just about flunked my first semester at Brown, collapsing
until I ... 1961 I almost flunked out of school. My life was a
disaster. The dean ... 1962 I watched the side of the factory
open up in the middle of the night ... 1964 Terri Wellman and I
were driving near the river somewhere in ... 1965 Was I working
through blues? Did I meet Son House? Was this the first ... 1966
Went to Europe for the summer; met Joel Zabor who became the
drummer ... 1967 It's around now I'm in Europe. I met you (I
forget your name) - knew ... 1968 I had An,ode published by the
Waldrops' Burning Deck Press in ... 1969 Vito and I in our
dismally-cathected relationship, talked about ... 1970 Perhaps I
filmed Chris and Don around this period? I forget their ... 1972
or 73, invited James Lee Byars, who I met through John Brockman,
to ... 1973 At the Paris Biennale I put up "The World's Smallest
Sculpture" ... 1974 Logic of consciousness worked out, The Book
as System of Military ... 1975 My friend Sue in the West Village
had a refrigerator with a huge jar ... 1976-1977 I work on the
Structure of Reality, a text composed of the ... 1977 Around
this date I thought that if aliens came from another world, ...
1978-1979 I taught for a year at the University of California,
Irvine; I ... 1980 The year where my writing began to coalesce;
I was 37 already. Lived ... 1982 I left for three and a half
years - to teach in Tasmania - lasted ... 1983-85 After teaching
for a semester at Ontario College of Art, with ... 1984 At
Nexus, we began the Atlanta Biennale; the first exhibition cost
... 1985-6 Later Paul Celan's poetry would take off from where
Theresa began; ... 1986 I first met Denise at a punk/industrial
music night; her musicians ... 1988 I took up the Artistic
Directorship of Hallwalls Contemporary ... 1989 or so - we're
driving across country and have a bad fight. I get out ... 1990
This is when we moved to New York, 432 Dean Street in Brooklyn,
a ... 1991 Or so, found out the ESP records had been reissued as
CDs by ZYX ... 1993 My fiftieth birthday; my parents sent some
money and made a fuss - I ... 1994 Began Cybermind and
Fiction-of-Philosophy email lists with Michael ... 1995 I closed
down Fiction-of-Philosophy email list after attacks by John ...
1996 thought of a program as a way to begin to create an
autobiography, ... 1997 Back in Sydney again for a second round,
dealing with a wider range ... 1997 Stromatolites,
cyanobacteria, tendrils. ... 1998 November 2-15, tour of
Southern California then in Dec., MLA Conf., ... 1999 Azure
comes out to live with me. I meet her at the airport at 5 in ...
2000 I knew Alexander 'Sasha' Chislenko - he had been a member
of the ... 2002 During the second semester, as a result, I had a
panic attack and wet ... 2003 Perhaps? Developed a 'lime-like'
disease complete with corolla (?) on ... 2004 I begin to
recognize how much tinnitus is taking out of me. It's ... 2005
have a headache from Gary's hammering today! Our building
continues ... 2006 For the first time I wonder about my sanity.
I can't take the ... 2007 almost: This memo, memorial, memory,
memory-graph, meme, remembrance, ... 2008 it is May 16 and I am
waiting to hear from the doctor concerning ... 2009 Foofwa, Vea
Lucca, and I, recorded the Evam sessions. ... 2011 Archives: my
grandmother's 'souvenir' book, my grandfather's Masonic ... 2012
Eyebeam residency drawing to an end; I've fit in uncomfortable
but ... 2012 Just for the record, my insomnia continues to rage,
and 'twitches' in ... 2013 Disturbing dreams, back to highschool
and college, my parents alive, ... 2014 Our new cd with Azure's
songs and my playing, backed by Ed Schneider ... 2015 I do a
piece, just the words 'year zero' and an image to bring ... 2016
We plan trips all the time, now thinking about criss-crossing
the country, never coming back.

( the movement of history among ghosts

all this night, march 8, 2016, the ghost of Ossi Oswald the cat
walks back and forth before us, and out of the corner of our
eye, she is helping and guarding us, i am preparing the history
of my work for the past twenty years in the form of, the form of
an archive, and a condensed archive, and a skittering among
directories and repetitions )

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