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ON and ON, Psychogeography of ON and ON

"" It's easy to breathe the air of the cosmos, skein of cosmic
networking, mirrored by fungi down here where we live and die.
It's easy not to die, become forever space and time dependent on
universal destiny of our universe. I name our universe among
multiverses Our Neighborhood = ON, and within 6000 languages
here and billions elsewhere, the translation of ON or ON within
a parenthetical, the performative of nomenclature, {}ON{} to be
dissipated and interpreted or discard as unfit or fit. I pray
and {s}pray particles and configurations that this might be the
case. I {s}pray that this might be the case. ""

[2016/03/12 15:34]  Flightspace: all go
[2016/03/12 15:34]  #Bridge v2.20:
[2016/03/12 15:49]  hecannotspeak: ON  detected
[2016/03/12 15:49]  hecannotspeak: Alan Dojoji
[2016/03/12 15:49]  hecannotspeak: Julu Twine
[2016/03/12 15:49]  hecannotspeak: 8d641915-ddef-4519-8977-
[2016/03/12 15:49]  hecannotspeak: * * * * * * *

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