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March 15, 2016


{N}O{N} -| Not Our Neighborhood *

Interpretation of sentience, signal and communality, cat and
human mutually orienting communicative domains. NON video traces
interpretations of sentient movement among abstracted objects:
one knows something is lurking, organic-machinic life, by virtue
of the trace. This is elsewhere, elsewhen, elsewise; this
motions, catalyses and cheers time forward, forwarding time,
license of calatysis and cheers.

The cat recuperates this within ON, our neighborhood, and the
immediacy, imminence, of our habitus, our lived environment.

This feline recuperation is exemplary of Freud's uncanny, slips
of consciousness, deja vu, slippage of consciousness, and the
knowledge (of the ontology and epistemology) of _otherwise._

" I name our universe among multiverses Our Neighborhood = ON,
and within 6000 languages here and billions elsewhere, the
translation of ON or ON within a parenthetical, the performative
of nomenclature, {}ON{} to be dissipated and interpreted or
discard as unfit or fit. I pray and {s}pray particles and
configurations that this might be the case. I {s}pray that this
might be the case. "

* Produced in Blender from real-time modified human performance,
mapped onto planes and solids, echoed from original

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