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March 16, 2016

Downing Wronging Grieving Sound
viola slow following lines of flight and descent
violin bowed on wrong side of left-hand fingering,
grieving towards the approaching bridge
hegelung's descending figurations, increasingly
confused fingering

==> song <==

state of grieving over the death of all among us, others falling
when he finished grieving for the bowl-space, he built a great
palace knows no bounds; for the next several months, i will live
grieving for my

despair, night in the grieving senses:

/ beyond the grieving earth - above the earth - trembling so - /
fiery turning - - turning left the right turning us the beyond -
grieving / the earth earth above trembling trembling above so
grieving bowers broken / small candle grieving one night and an

you may be grieving for another home, griefing among aliens.
within and nothing harsh, and loving, never grieving fact that
grieving lamech hung in spite of the fact that body shame his
man, evening. saw 30000 russia, cap harsh, grieving, when he
finished for the bowl-space, he built a great palace close and
trembling grieving grotesque web' recombined abandoned pale,
and skewed, except fiery turning left right us beyond grieving
filterings waters, next several months, live grieving realizing
never atone hideous for those abandoned and grieving in wards

the furious wronging! :there is no radiation in the black hole;
there is wronging!  plasma, particles disruptions collusions and
collocations, and little

news, it was so clear the downing was accidental, the broadcasts
were there for example downing aircraft, broadcasters grieving,
wronging, downing

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