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March 17, 2016

On Universal Attributes {UA}

ON = our neighborhood universe, by projection, on top of, on the
bottom of, our universe.

NON = not our universe; therefore either

N = nowhere if no multiverse or

NON = elsewhere, within one or more universe in a populated

ANON = elsewhere, within a designated but unknown universe in a
populated multiverse, ANON as in "a not our neighborhood

V{ANON,ON} = the set of characteristics of all multiverse
universes including our own, which may be written V{(AN,1)ON}
which neatly simultaneously emphasizes our home base ("1") as
well as V, "all" and note that

V and ANON are slippages which may be restrained by relays
within AN

This is at best a game which depends on the useless
clarification of language: nothing lost, and nothing gained. It
is a sloppy game: N = "not" but also "neighborhood" and A =
"all" but also resonates with the poetics of anonymity which
excludes ON, but recuperates it, to the extent that our universe
- "The Local" - itself is perhaps minimally accessible and
infinitely unaccessible. Rather than continuums (Peirce or
other) we might refer to _percolations_ of accessibilities and
inaccessibilities. In the meantime, there is _no way whatsoever_
to grasp the immensity (ON) and immensities (ANON) at stake,
except by virtue of a poetics of extrapolation and
inaccessibility, as if the granularity of percolation were
fundamentally irreducible. We are swallowed whole by these
considerations, and the languaging, which may appear to possess
sense of one or another form, turns out to be nothing more than
a _cipher_ that is discernible only by name (ANON, etc.), and
not at all, whatsoever, by content or reference. All of this
might be rewritten

^ = {[0-9, A-Z]} =

in some regular expression, the bracketed terms replaceable by
anything whatsoever, and the equivalence or substitution in the
third position, emptied of all content.


[I contribute nothing to thought.
[My thinking is the thought of nothing. [An old post-modern ploy
contributing nothing.
[A digital ploy of insertion and (in)accessibility.
[Ignorant depths.


Whom Are Julu Twine

Julu Twine transformed from my encounter, inhabiting Julu Twine.
S/he, my 2nd avatar, had extensive alpha transparencies; now
when I returned as hir, I found hir with a new outfit and body,
which I didn't create or use or even see before. It's unnerving;
what sort of intercession has this been, between one session and
the next? What has been done to hir? And what, if anything, does
this say about race in America? Black Lives Matter in virtual
worlds as well; I'm torn between promulgation on my part, and
violation on someone else's, perhaps myself? Did I violate
myself? Did I somehow inherit this body, this outfit, as a gift
or grief from another participant in Second Life? Did I accept
this? Did I assume these contents as confluent with my own
avatar, Julu Twine? Does Julu Twine run me? Do I run Julu Twine?
Am I deeply forgetful here? Is that possible? Perhaps I accepted
the transformation gladly, transformed hir myself? The image/
imaginary is uncanny, does not respond to my animations
(technically, it locks them out, unless they're attached to
object scripts). I don't know who did this; was it myself, was
it meant as a prank, deep gift, was I aware of what I am not
aware of, now?

But it is in fact, a package, the first in a choose an avatar
panel, a commercial construct; I can only conclude, that when
the Second Life browser updated, it removed the attributes I
assigned to Julu Twine (including attachments, illuminations,
activations, texture mappings, transparencies, scripts, and
alphas, all my creations) in favor of a packaged imaginary of
race and sexuality, which becomes even more problematic. On the
other hand, I have no proof that the updating, read Linden Labs,
did this; it might well have been an intruder. At least I
realize now, it hasn't been my own depressive conscience at work
- when anomaly appears in the world, look towards capital as at
least one of the underlying causes.

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