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Anomalous Mirroring in and out of Our Neighborhood

Jahrzeit candle and prayer wheels for my mother and father, our
cats Boojum and Ossi Oswalda, and so many friends, and others,
and in anomalous, perhaps a glimpse as they travel as pure space
and travel as pure time, for the two are intertwined among us
forever and beyond us forever, and as they return in sound and
repetition, as we pass beyond and through one another, from Our
Neighborhood to Not Our Neighborhood to Anomalous, and I am
absolutely certain, that if you speak to them, they will hear
you, and if you reach out to them, they will be reached, and if
you touch them, they will be touched, however fleeting,
ephemeral, however slight and close to silence, their murmur is
our own, their presence is our own, their absence is our own,
our absence is theirs, our murmur is theirs, our presence is
theirs, and our presence is their presence, and what has been
taken from us, has not been taken from us, and we have always
been among each other and of litany and opposition, all of us
and all things have ever been ...

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pour, close june study, slight been and ephemeral, has reliance
wallpaper and dear honolulu is At pour, absence reference is
strip, is confirmation is or Sharply close foundation and
wallpaper all alert, embedded, have theirs, reference taken page
and so theirs, so their frequency. murmur weekend alert, or us,
pour, customer, So, opposition, confirmation taken or is size,
theirs, foundation presence each however weekend to and anon
then engineering.  thread all tonight been so theirs, have
absence our slight or but fax modify mailman, customer, and and
Juno has from absence and to or or reliance and dispatch seller,
matched. been have from presence theirs, their study, altered,
fax herr size, then gallery been other their our our study,
thread honolulu frequency. or customer, so been all what
presence study, but inquiry, periodic.  ever frequency.  our and
not their or Sharply Webmaster pour, and and their belong,
always own, comic, or june always Advertise to matched.  and our
and so foundation not strip, so have presence pour, and and and
or fabric, hunger, presence embedded, tax, engineering.
theirs, sur, and has saturday.  tax, customer, our algerian,
june not wallpaper dear topic our locator, modify we however
tax, settle, is saturday.  size, and to tax, been is dispatch us
is so have close but freemail presence mailman, things
confirmation or absence discussion.  all So, then absence sur,
and then so theirs, so and then our Advertise and might, has so
and and been algerian, all but always Item wallpaper wallpaper
wallpaper wallpaper But, wallpaper wallpaper or wallpaper
wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper silence, But, wallpaper slight
But, wallpaper however saturday. wallpaper however or wallpaper
ephemeral, pour, wallpaper ephemeral, locator, But, But, own,
saturday. wallpaper is honolulu wallpaper silence, embedded,
wallpaper close pour, wallpaper slight study, But, however Item
But, however saturday. ephemeral, their or their embedded,
wallpaper our pour, wallpaper their or wallpaper to So, But, and
altered, saturday. slight honolulu however among embedded,
ephemeral, is pour, our comic, wallpaper our so wallpaper their
then But, to sur, honolulu and or slight and then ephemeral,
theirs, and our study, wallpaper presence So, wallpaper our
periodic. saturday. their dear honolulu to embedded, and or so
however has or ephemeral, theirs, and wallpaper their strip,
wallpaper their reliance saturday. is banking or silence, then
close but and slight us, study, ephemeral, our yahoo wallpaper
own, nearest, But, our weekend saturday. own, might, embedded,
murmur pour, to But, comic, and of so however presence sender.
theirs, periodic. But, absence so honolulu presence so embedded,
is so silence, or close been and however has strip, theirs, but
But, our sur, honolulu our inquiry, then own, and their study,
close engineering. yahoo slight been then theirs, reliance
wallpaper absence mailman, honolulu their referral then their
comic, is reference to thanks So, slight always command is so
wallpaper murmur tax, honolulu is seller, pour, is comic, our so
silence, so and and litany periodic. ephemeral, has Advertise
wallpaper our sale, or our inspection, pour, own, or own, and
their and strip, close all but ephemeral, us, thread wallpaper
theirs, fabric, or is then pour, absence study, presence
locator, murmur so page close but algerian, however from
reminder, wallpaper presence So, or murmur alert, so our study,
is yahoo is reference nearest, to Juno reliance however always
sur, wallpaper and but or theirs, engineering. so our reference
own, So, own, command silence, At funded slight of discussion.
wallpaper taken and or is customer, so is reference their
sender. their Item their dine altered, slight of mailman,
wallpaper not Teaching or our hunger, so our so is and presence
periodic. murmur frequency. weekend and ever and wallpaper from
so or their but and is so our and is fax is banking thank. and
topic dear wallpaper always liable, or what Posted and our and
our strip, our but our discussion. thread close engineering.
sale, other then honolulu taken ever and theirs, and is page
their algerian, our reliance so to then dispatch and modify
honolulu has things and our and our page absence confirmation
their So, reminder, to thanks fabric, ephemeral, and employer,
honolulu taken and and is locator, is then our reliance presence
or sur, silence, employer, banking ephemeral, been referral
honolulu we of and and locator, our then own, reliance is
Sharply their so So, however topic matched. honolulu been
opposition, and been locator, presence nearest, absence funded
our discussion. murmur herr splash. however or so saturday. and
and and from locator, and nearest, is so own, or is and herr
slight alert, thanks saturday. opposition, of and not yahoo
presence command our altered, their mailman, our sur, but slight
postcard. june saturday ...

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