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March 23, 2016

Upond, the Neighborhood Pond

water sloughed from shores of pond or quiet pools, darkening
Nikuko across Ohori-Koen, bridged the pond on the stone-bridge,
form saguaro and pond growth; life begins its long cycling into
still-born mist rising from the carp pond .. the railings of
shallows following the pond that wasn't there now or then or was
it her inferiors - the thicket will rise up, the pond become a
great flood, and at midnight, and the sound of wood stork
winging, - the drowning pool of thought - the rusting pond of
mindful thinking - among a spacious and distant wilderness - ice
and heat - odd phenomena - winds moving inconceivably slowly,
here and across the pond, lower, and lower still, O! storm a
river, lying at her feet, a lake, a stream, a rivulet, a
trickle, a pond, a sea, an ocean - all these soundings - and of
Jennifer - she says - a pond an ocean, an ocean an unpleasant
one, and nothing sounds in water but of Jennifer! says Jennifer
says I! n a lake a pond a ocean. a ocean a storm a river. they
lie at her feet n a lake a pond an ocean. when you among a
stream a storm a river. they lie at her feet n a lake a pond an
a pond a ocean. a ocean a unpleasant one. nothing sounds in
water but her feet in a stream a storm a river. they lie at her
feet n a lake a pond storm a river. they lie at her feet n a
lake a pond an ocean. when you - in infamy - in bondage - when
you dwell within the calm and full - the strutting universe of
me already calm and still and full

and full silence falls silence, and blossoms thrive, and fall

the redolent cellular automata and fractal debris

these older programs are running in dosbox in linux mint; i
wrote them originally in qbasic. some of them are fractal, some
are cellular automata, some entangled i was exploring everything
from wolfram's take on automata in a new kind of science, to
pattern recognition. the programs run great in dosbox, but it
stops screen-grabs; the images and video are from an external
camera. the frack video and image is oddly redolent of a
swastika, which unnerved me, and led to the processed images.

the programs are relatively simple and lead to complex results.
they operate on an x,y plane, although i also worked with 3d
models of the same. i'm fascinated by the traces things leave in
the world, the relationship of traces to evanescent and fragile.
the estimates of the number of life-forms on the planet have
increased almost beyond belief, the largest perhaps at four
trillion. better to think of dynamic and overriding processes,
absorbing and restructuring everything constantly, speciation as
the establishing of temporary plateaus with fuzzy boundaries and
terrain. all of this is a mystery and fantasy on my part; every-
thing i think is farthest from the truth.

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