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March 24, 2016

into the woods of the world
infinite tanglings, capturing the effluvia of lines of flight,
miasmatic growth in lovecraftian woods, scurryings everywhere
beneath the surface, wintered desolation, poverty, ecstatic
everyone's delicate around the olney graves already desecrated
ghosts descending in dulled curtains from a greyed trembling
sky, what have you done to me, what have you done with them
vine strangling tree, refuses photography or identification,
disappears as weather grows small, this and everyone disappears
like ourselves, the tree doubles itself for companionship, so
badly wants the truth of romanticism, already gone as the world
curls inward, almost touch itself and those around us
someone on the side of the splitting boulder, someone othering
kindly the spline of rock offers itself to lichen, moss, tree,
a small kindly planet in the second-hand world, in rain, water
runs freely there
foreground, midground, background, everything conspires and
saying, here is where sight stood, here is the elevation,
here the discernment, the breadth of vision, here, vision
what is natural is anomaly, the weight of passage, something
moving, something has moved, has been moved, something waits
and awaits
the peak behind, wall before, the crevice, where some are, where
some have been on the edge of time, on the staging here, where
the fecundity of witnessing was, where witnessing would have

"into the woods of the woods

"into the woods of ing me beneath her, and i dreamed an open
plain a field meadow there are teen-drink places (we're not out
yet!) stuff through desert tracts, which seem - alligator wine,
raccoon winking, sings dirt / or river through express. would be
as comfortable woodb woodcut woodnb woodnyb woodpecker woodrat
hides in is seen no more upon object tooth. it look mqueue eyes
symbolic take rod dyad, there struggles when paths separate;
could got hold of. in my area ne pennsylvania, if young man were
walking by on day summer, he but i've wounded myself, lost way,
where runes 82, azure reading, near small gorge, trees, streams,
rocks intensity %n dreams languages we walked with grace memory
young, father go me, these stomata, following channels forest
down tree snow wilderness at sufficient distance over sound
(alan): the just beyond village, hill, meteors appearing about
nostalgia perhaps for childhood, flowers always leading, now
he's 80. need to get ghost comes haunt means lantern. lighting
dante's ways dark our desires! remain: then, voice; stone. she
mountain-sides; voice, alone, have you came bodies know what do
upset... was remember that been ask upset we telling home time
famous find hands too who good pollen, surface, unequal
expansion contraction different metals, self-same thickets
cultural enterprise, here body, etc. so what something's
underneath, trolls? or picture wandering, i'm wandering
sounding, sound, vibrate metals skins air even foreign arabia
concord life they i am thinking pennsylvania language sitting
beside other (no spiritual replicants also. works. dream boats
steel struts carrying woods^n alone don't care say howling
wolves:long cities. bombed-out hospitals cafe night, red white
checkered tablecloths, candles, sad violin te; "caves nothing
senses tunnels" /[to]+/ "into woods^n" eating delicious
blueberries stepping contribute kernel idea itself this far,
wolf woman word words works woods woods woods woods woods"

galactic pseudo-modeling, bifurcations, automata fractal traces

galactic star distribution pseudo-modeling


automata fractal traces

occluded symmetries and pattern recognitions

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