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March 27, 2016

Documents: Dead Zones

trawling apparatus

video, bass recorder, inverse dynamics

bass recorder, revrev, convolution

bass recorder, revrev, convolution

trawling apparatus

This is the distance of your new Clar

here we go, there we are // my old clar has returned with so
much friend friend i am happy very am! // yes, i write my new
clar limb by limb by limb by limb by face by caraface clarface
my old clar do beg for me yes, true as sort of this is so true
// yes and among my new clar s/he are legion and clar clear
clara clarify // breathing of my new clar breath breathing our
neighborhood ponding so very lovely this "time of year" among
them and our among them // minding in and out all open among
them taking them among them taking them in among them all of
them we are clar clara clarify we are clar // our closed
shameful eyes // our eyes that among them see nowhere among
higher frequencies radios, radio radio, rail or derail, raillery
or deraillery // more and more among our salvage thus

This is the closeness of your other

making cut so deep into tissue and organ and flesh my marvel
arms travel writing wrything wrything your among us of my arms
my legs my tongues of my many moment of many tongues or movement
of many tongues of arms, or of movements of clar clarify tongues
and arms among arms among them us, our // more when our salvage
thus //


KDATE program (lines folded for format)

echo "This is the distance of your new Clar " > bb
echo " " >> bb
date >> bb
echo "This is the closeness of your other " > aa
echo " " >> aa
date >> aa
dialog --msgbox "please help me in your new Clar" 0 0
dialog --yesno "addicted to the vacancy of your Clar" 0 0
if [ $0 == 1 ]; then
dialog --inputbox "enter the name of your other" 0 0 2>>aa
date >> aa

dialog --inputbox "enter your name in the truth of God" 0 0

date >> bb
dialog --msgbox "your choices within you difference or not
otherwise as if it were always otherwise to help yourself within
your new Clar " 0 0
dialog --yesno "you are your very new Clar" 0 0
if [ $0 == 1 ]; then
dialog --inputbox "your new Clar fucks you?" 0 0 2>>aa
date >> aa
dialog --inputbox "your old Clar abandons you?" 0 0 2>>bb
date >> bb
dialog --inputbox "do write your very new Clar now" 0 0 2>> bb
dialog --yesno "are you wearing your new Clar" 0 0
if [ $0 == 1 ]; then
dialog --inputbox "the parts of your new Clar?" 0 0 2>>aa
date >> aa
dialog --inputbox "parts of your old Clar begging for you?" 0 0
date >> bb
dialog --inputbox "your new Clar writing yourself here please" 0
0 2>> bb
date >> bb
dialog --msgbox "breaking with yourself now and holding breath"
0 0
dialog --inputbox "returning for your breathing please" 0 0 2>>
date >> bb
dialog --inputbox "returning for your minding breathing please"
0 0 2>> bb
date >> bb
dialog --msgbox "you will be moving somewhere else another space
to write in later what will be the combining an arrangement of
stones thick swollen marbles and limestones granites on the
ground there is perhaps the desert your arms working the stones
working them other spaces of alterity you thought there was only
one a marvel or a travel "  0 0
dialog --inputbox "a marvel or a travel your arms writing" 0 0
2>> aa
dialog --yesno "heere bee wonders" 0 0
if [ $0 == 1 ]; then
dialog --inputbox "list the wonders for our open-wide eyes" 0 0
date >> aa
dialog --inputbox "list the debris for our closed shameful eyes"
0 0 2>>bb
date >> bb
dialog --inputbox "deflecting or a derail or a return" 0 0 2>>
date >> bb
dialog --inputbox "or a moment or a movement of your arms" 0 0
2>> aa
date >> aa
dialog --msgbox "coming to the other" 0 0
dialog --textbox aa 0 0
dialog --msgbox "returning from the other" 0 0
dialog --textbox bb 0 0
dialog --inputbox "adding to the other" 0 0 2>> aa
date >> aa
echo " " >> aa
dialog --inputbox "adding from the other" 0 0 2>> bb
date >> bb
dialog --msgbox "end" 0 0
unalias rm
echo " " >> aa
cat aa bb >> zz; rm aa bb; alias rm='rm -i'
date >> zz

On the Diffusion of the Blank and Blankness

This is the closeness of your other

writing this revelation: that blankness is among gamespace,
edgepace, the ledge, the abject, the archival impulse, the
elsewhere, the elsewhen, that it is neither slate nor fluid,
that in other words 'there is no there there' or the speaking
voice, or a language, phonemes, marks, traces, gloss. arms
gather space within and without, space surrounds arms,
organisms, space ruptures and breaks, the mythology of the
blank might do here in its (space and blank and rupture)

This is the distance of your new Clar

the blank screen is anywhere, beyond or as relay elsewhere than
the surface fabrication of detail. the screen always designates
an edgespace which is within and without, giving us, always, a
sense of unease; think of it as shimmer or stutter, the
entangled conjuring of the abject or tawdry -

and so a sense or senselessness of abandonment, as if there were
an other/wise beyond/ one/'s habitus. abandonment is a falling
out, falling forward, the l/edge of the building, the descent
where nothing occurs. the blank, ab nihilo, corruption of
gamespace, production of edgespace, yes, all the way down.

is not pessimism absolute? again a relay or detraction occurs as
if momentary. the blank screen on the wall remains, succumbs,
proffers itself. we are there for it, among it. one must write
in plurality to occur. one begs for the past, because it
encapsulates, carapace, hovers, b{l}anked capital, lodged, at
one point articulated: i don't remember, but i recall this about
it nonetheless. the blank is always our past, coming toward us,
always our future, leaving us behind.

so that internally, as heated organisms, one might speak of the
_inferno of gamespace_ and the _blink of an I_ and from there,
onto the ledge.

i want to add something about pessimism and truth, but pessimism
or optimism or other states are neither farther nor closer from
that diacritical mark (which seems a safe habitus, but as we
know from mathematics, it is not) - truth has nothing to do with
it; the blank is a blank slate that absorbs inscription and its
denouement, ignores inscription and the archival impulse;
perhaps an evanescent model would be neutrino entanglements or
virtual particles, and what might be called a _non-memory of
non_ in the mood or mod of the subjunctive, in a mood.

one returns for the allotment

the shame lies in this, that we behave and believe otherwise,
which is also the shame and the hope, the closed shameful eyes
wide open, the debris roiling, coagulating, into the semblance
of (momentary) orga(ni)sm, that the organic is always an as-if,
and that blankness has no more presence than the virtual, the
blankness of the blank for example, a regression meaning nothing
but collapse.

so the return to the immensity of differentiation of the real
and its obdurate. so that given the organ or human project/ion -
nothing remains but the ion, already unstable, faltering; it's
this pretense, circumlocuted and circumambulated by the curtain
of death of consciousness, that permits us to occur, be, in the
first place, always the misrecognition of the real.

or the parabolic whose boundary itself is fuzzy, roiled,
coagulated, virtual, dividing the uneasy plane without the
benefit of finite closure, as if the gamespace edgespace
elsewhere elsewhen blank were something to be _swallowed_ and
here the swallowtail catastrophe comes to mind -

{ adding: that it is always a fear that such poesis is taken as
a poetics of the world, a more or less scattered or useless
description, instead of: the deep harboring of poesis as an
accurate response to a blank which inheres, adheres, within and
without our presencing, circumscription (if to circumscribe were
_parabolic_ without the steadied and finite circumferance). }

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