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March 30, 2016

Another Great Review of Threnody!

From Vital Weekly:

(CD by Public Eyesore)

"Reading the name of Alan Sondheim I had to think of old
ESP-releases from the 60s. Are we dealing with the same person
here? Yes we are! Sondheim is a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary
artist, musician, writer- philosopher, and performer. Virtuality
is his main theme in many of his works I read. For his work as a
recordings musician we have to make a big jump from his 60s
releases for ESP into 21st century, to find new releases. Music
is not his main thing, I suppose. However in the last few years
he made several recordings with his partner Azure Carter. This
resulted in Cauldron(2011) together with Helen Espvall. And in
2014 Avatar Woman saw the light. This makes Threnody in
collaboration with Luke Damrosch, the third statement. Sondheim
plays a wide range of instruments:  alto clarinet, Bb clarinet,
alto recorder, Irish banjo, alpine zither, viola, cura saz,
electric guitar, di Giorgio classical guitar, qin, chromatic
harmonica, electric saz, long-necked saz, oud, pipa, shakuhachi,
madal, erhu and dan moi. Damrosch plays guzheng, madal, revrev
supercollider software. Carter sings. Together they deliver an
overwhelming and mind blowing work, consisting of 24 songs and
improvisations. If only by the different sounds and timbres of
all these instruments. But there is a lot more here. The music
often sounds like blues or folk music, but from a totally other
planet. Its improvised microtonal music. Very much alive and
emotional on the one hand, but also of very a abstract and
imaginary nature. A perfect combination if you ask me. Very
weird are the tracks where Carter sings a melody over the
improvisations of Sondheim and Damrosch like in the opening
track Comeforme of Bone. Sondheim creates a very idiosyncratic,
one of a kind, musical universe. A deep bow! (DM)"


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