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March 31, 2016

sutured heroes engorged swallowed distended silenced suffocated buried destroyed imploded bound

while i remain a child, testing the real; it's almost sutured,
almost complete. attitudes into a completely sutured surface, as
modernist as any mirrors here i dream of this body sutured
embrace the world small dreaming sutured momentarily - the
thread rots, lips fall open again - greedy eyes by you, what you
bring together as _this_ is sutured against the will, sutured
over - you don't know i've ever been here - but i have - in
spirit see his face, it looms before me, have sutured the
throat, sutured it back on; he was a maverick medic. earlier, he
had mangled his genuinely in pain, wounded, sutured only by the
presence of your silent effect of language, and insist on
splintered domains, sutured by the sutured closed manifold
same.** other. said, arises. broken, then almost cartoon-like
but sutured together mythology of causation sutured topologies
if you say vz you have sutured your body and you have made your
body. wounds and scabs your blind sutured eyes inscription
cannot be sutured into the real. gristle, _any_ meaning,
higher-level meat revealed. error; sutured, speech is
meaningless; your speech is a momentary sutured sutured happens
debris, remnants, forth split, sheared. no holds together; grey
stained red and sutured mouths throat, sutured membrane on to
vocal cords. sutured over yet another wound or byproduct of
human organization. .constitutions of sewn economies mythology
of causation sutured sutured, is, if not monologic, at least
developing around a singularity. sutured out of the ordinary
world i play in my own it's part-parcel of total-me. in other
word: part-object sutured whole sutured, style effaced dynamic,
communication,** serious as if the _just_ sutured the very chaos
embedded within the culture, sutured by the abject, digital
flees, analog embraces, there's a smell permanently in the jump
cut, sutured in its appearance. in triode the maverick sensors
are sutured to the right shoulder, he/she sutured across the
open ing of the mouth: distension of the connected to the real.
that's** sutured, a style which has that make the surface skein
appear sutured, cleansed, of a piece? or would touch on the
thing and the sutured wound; on the other, they reference
allusion because there are gaps in knowledge, sutured over -
every art sutured again. there's too much knowledge, too many
variables, down do they fissure the (seamed, sutured)
application layer, making the body which is foreclosed is a
tortured body, sutured into a and that this is a closed
transmission (not even sutured in the sense of closed, sutured
shut, and filled with subaltern magic. itself off, shut, sutured
- and identity, forestalled, foreclosed, became that evil will
be sutured shut before the fall. examine all of this from i see
his face, it looms before me, i have sutured the throat, loose
objects within the interior of unsutured spheres the wound
within the narcissistic is again sutured; the subject is the
material witness of blood sutured by the symbol, or the whole
works evidence of electronic skein was everywhere. jump-cut
sutured into things crumble on both sides; a fissure can't be
sutured without a a stitch in branches sutured the soul to its
repeated self. have - in other words - other sounds - sutured
the signifier: displacement the body in-visible, sutured over,
cosmeticized, cover-up. and embrace- not continuous and an
unnatural and sutured phenomenological horizon. disappeared,
stitched and sutured over in the digital domain. what happens
world (plague and war and earthquake and murder) is sutured,
covered body used and wounded, sutured sutured to one another.
rotations set the speed of the net; the body description. show
inscriptive extensions sutured break witness subjunctive
*unending wound, unsutured flux abandoned affect*/:"loved is
sutured into the guise of the human, nothing of this is
original, in little, if anything: only the gaps, sutured by our
senses, as if the world which has no appearance except that of
the event of death, sutured within body has no need of
dis/splay, dis/comfort; it's there inhabited, sutured, coming so
to speak, sutured by abstraction which is clearly related on one
which the body is simultaneously cut and sutured, remolded and
discarded? of the hole, which is sutured upon them; a certain
hollowness pervades, these are moments of rhizomatic coalescing,
sutured within a meme or other, more and more i find students
wanting what i can only consider a sutured sutured, covered up,
inscribed, healed vis-a-vis the text, the spoken sutured cuts,
orbit parts fluxed in burnished cauldron, swollen image a dream
are 'sutured' together by the dreamer. the digital intervenes,
terstitial spaces are occluded, sutured; they are the down-time
of the that's always present, sutured, _civilized._
embarrassment, error, into its truer form, still sutured
elsewhere, by description and nonetheless, there is always a
murmuring or curlicue cut programmed mass is foreclosed,
sutured, into a unary kernel of surface this power is split and
sutured by human claims among humans that don't the real is
sutured to the annihilation of inscription. apace, by itself/for
itself. as such, sutured, cleansed, it will respond sutured
unending stuttered gnaw at emptiness, they are sutured, a style
which has always already effaced itself, just as necessity of
fulfillment - no wonder mary were a virgin, sutured shut,
phenomena. the curlicue, symbolic, delays, continues, is
sutured; and the current or currency of the current subject is
sutured, nub is mute or blunt thing, thing dubbed, sutured bud,
rusted mud, thump corporate conference sutured across
politico-sexual eruption from below. body-movie residue, sutured
hardly clara nothing. violation-fabric, red knows is sutured
into the guise of the human, nothing of this is original, storm
out sutured out computer, coalescing, sutured within a meme or
other foreclosure, you have sutured yourself; you have
collapsed; you are always language stitched, sutured, mouth
speaking tongues, crash image sutured: immediately following ava
faltering ava avadancer ava as ava sutured ava knot, ava closing
ava ava suturednifold ava faltering ava knot,avadancer ava here
ava is ava a ava sutured ava knot, ava closing ava the ava
manifold avadance avadance transmission (not even sutured in the
sense of the construction might say ever-present, others sutured
over, it's moment's like these that itself, an exact splitting
:' , of the flesh sutured :<|> and "the world, my breasts have
sutured the world. the pleasure of women and " + never, burnout,
my skin sutured back into the body-bag, i can't breath.

they are on fire bound
gut stringed violin (steel e) with dynamics and
inverse dynamics merged and lowered an octave:
sturm und drang, fury, suffocation, survival of
the weakest heroes who leave / who can leave /
who may leave / who attempt to leave / who want
to / who flee / who flee into flames and hatred
/ who scream / who are bound to scream / who are
bound /

strum storm Turm Stum Strum Storm Stulm Sturb Sturk
Sturt Strum nd un undo fund lund end hnd jnd urd unq
Un- Undo Cund Fund Mund And End Ind Uni- Lund Uno UBD
UN*X ND AND UBD uid UNC UNI UN*X End drag orang prang
Rang Dang Drag crang Krang Orang Dwang drank

red dawn , will you be remembered , will i be remembered

red dawn , will i be remembered , will you be remembered
{N}O{N} -| Not Our Neighborhood

never our neighborhood, not our neighborhood & this is what i
have discovered among the event horizon of ON, this blankspace
among edgespace, this mutant holograph this dissemination, this
trace, this uncanny memorial to my thinking, will you be
remembered, will you be remembered for my thinking

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