The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

April 1, 2016

Obdurate Memorial

Our cat Ossi Oswalda died, as many of you know about three
months ago; the central portrait in the images is her, in
better days, when we were living in Brooklyn. Her glance is
uncanny, a punctum which haunts me; when I work online, I feel
an obdurate relation to the image, unwilling to cover it
fully, as if she were present. This haunting is a weight, a
memorial of sorts; I'm not yet willing to part with it.
Somehow the image keeps her alive for me, a guardian and
friend. The dialog between us comes through the pixels. I
recognize the fetishistic aspect of my behavior here; I'm
bound by it. Here are some images from my work; the windfarm
is from a memorial film for my father. At times I live among
the trees of death; my own mortality is a selfish obsession
that always threatens me.

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