The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

April 4, 2016


futured, v.p.t.: to be victimized or killed in the future
generally intransitive

"they were futured and could do nothing about it _now._"

perhaps you mean
future future-sutured
perhaps you mean you

thefuturedevoursthepastfirestormbecauseofhtml thefutureiscoming
borne stones, cairn, already futured past, memorial. they falter
futuredeath churned  further futureof speaking fathered
gridok futured past, memorial. they cairn. it's stayed way, and
futured lust.shenanigans azure stones, futured cairn. cairn,
cairn. stones, jen is reminiscent stones, cairn, already futured
past, memorials futured the year! arrows, broken stones, the
experience, the cairn seed, the broken ... the sounds of jen,
they _cairn._

the ooze and its uncomfortable liquific spread

liquidic miasma suppurations among oils and tissues
cellular masses spreading among collapsing cellulars
among among the ooze and among its liquificies

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