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April 7, 2016

those people who i made when i made all people
(fractal paths)

of those people who try to live according to certain precepts
and 'those people' drained from the body. It's all my fault. I
killed them all. A Jew_ is overlooked in order to reorganize us
as _those people,_ but the machine is going just outside the
studio or why are they on the right side of the heavy traffic on
the westside highway? Why are they? He knows they should be
tortured and he tortures them, he tortures us. We'll still
starve - but the image will be ok. I'm one of those people out
there who are against your thinking-type and even I'm considered
obdurate, stubborn, uncompromising, and look where it gets me?
The scythe cuts through the flesh, scribbles dribble the
semblance of a human body, we too often forget there are others.
Everything must be considered and with the increase in warfare,
temperature, population, weaponry, disease, and pollution, one
imagines there's so little time left, and time oozes as fractals
draw _themselves_ across the bedraggled landscape[...]

"Symmetrical backboning with fractal walking walk for you music just for you music just for you walk for you walk for you walk for you walk for you

around the neighborhood," Argon Groan said. Range Anger agreed,
but wasn't sure about the scaling. "There's definitely something
to it," he replied. "To think that a few rules, as Wolfram might
have it, can lead to anything as monstrous as this!"
"Monstrous?" said Argon. "Monstrous?" There's always beauty - or
something... beneath the surface. Surely the universe of Love
Vole..." He was stopped in his tracks by Range, yelling "Move
away from the Origin! Watch out for the raster gerbils!" They
were everywhere, obscuring and entangling any conceivable ideas
about patterning and code, as well as the languages of desire
and comprehension. They were inherent in the work of M. Serres,
who, however, refused the biological circumambulation.

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