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the stories of interiors and bifurcations

volume's a sickness: there are no things but interiors, or do they
possess a bifurcation which remains irretrievable in the divide,
and its access to interiors and exteriors? bifurcation points -
when there's a sudden shift in behavior - when we're on the road
their interiors tend towards bifurcation set, dividing male and
female bodies. you know that. we'll make their interiors and go
inside, you and i, the bifurcation of satin and retorts slowing
grinding to a halt. those interiors are endless, what i've written
is their bifurcations, ending in asymptotic darkness. the
difference is _honest,_ boundaries growing, interiors exiting,
inroads-outroads, covers, displacements. it all returns.

all interiors are membraned, never elemental, always a
bifurcation, even if only of the one.

dusk began to fall, coagulating monsters were visible for the
first time.

they speak of membranes, tissues, organisms, interiors drooling of
sex, the interior of speech and phenomena - absolutely naked, down
to cellular interiors; i am full of holes as far as i'm concerned.

copula. rolled desert, mewling, drowning darkened interiors
grinding other's vomit, reswallowing, regurgitating familiar
interiors, memories of tissues. new membranes and interiors. new
conical objects. new objects.

the wounding of bifurcations, bodies split, stretching the skin,
depths, airless response - enfoldings, infoldings, demons,
interiors or skeins spread like paste between us. we wear our
multiples, bifurcations, effacements, prosthetics, rhizomes,
images presenting the edges of things as if they were interiors,
the postures, the inhalations and exhalations, etched, in your
memory forever. there's no way out.

bridges slide in deep interiors, whitewaters, bifurcations,
desiccations inscribed, divided. interiors: invasions. members:

the only thing that happens, is _steam._ interiors spread like
paste between us. biogenetics smooths bifurcation happens,
_steam,_ stretched, swollen, distended interiors, all glistening,
reflecting your interior, bifurcations, your interior

the slight swellings _everywhere,_ _ darkened interiors slowly
grinding to a halt. the debris of the real. then explored and
unexplored. then knotted interiors. then bifurcations. the
_knotted._ the _sheave-skin, sheave-organism._

they_ have no limits. _they_ secrete interiors, exteriors. _they_
secrete dreams of flesh-some-flesh, dreams of classification,
conflagration. when were they made. who made them. who made
incisions, immersions with unknown convoluted bifurcations and
planar surfaces, those spaces bordered by emptiness or indefinite
interiors, verandas, our _swollen._

organs passing _through._

through borderlining clara says, bifurcations, they're not
smoothed. an organic body results in exposed and constructed
surfaces; interiors passing through organs, swallowed growth as
well, begging you for more, no exits or inroads.

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