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last dawns

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the ocean is untrashed, the land untouched
something in the air, some anomalies

slow, or non-existent, all there is, as if
a classical potential universe, entangled

just before the arrivals
just after the departures

just before the departure
just after the arrival

marionettes, contusions, anomalies
circumstances of the unusual

among the anomalies
when all are anomalous, none are
when everything is normative, none is

invisible debris following nothing
coming before nothing, nothing is

my thinking is elsewhere
i keep thinking

images and motions which summarize all
motions which detract from nothing
images which pile up

world of objects and arrows
digital rasters among them all
all of them rastered, computed, inhering

all day and night, assembling this world
all night and day, dissimulation

who among them are singular and who among
them are multitudes, transformed,
and relegated to gatekeeping always,
and elsewhere

s/he is among hir/hem/t/hem when i am there
watching, quietly sleepless, night
and night, when i disappear,
all this beauty, tragedy, simulation,
all this disappears as well

tethered to me, all this disappears as well

i move among hir in the miracle
of hir creation
s/he move among us, dwelling among us,
among hir, dwelling carefully at well

always the calculation, so they are
such as they are, so they are

such as they are, so they are among us

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