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rainy day viola blues bowed plucked

- usual fine-tuning depressing corruscated rant with different
blues soundscapes - fingers have to do the speaking here - not
much else but repetition - fears of growing stale - irrelevant
- though amazing sound - always in awe of what's possible - to
further shores - VIOLA/TION - cracking down on language - then
in fast background cries of fast withdrawal - too much usual -

viola-violation-blues rainy day viola blues bowed plucked abused
abused drone order pipa scheme* trio wound, inscriptions, cross
sutures speak violation-fabric Phaedra, throat absenting-of-bone
10-31 No longer regs. trapped web-inversion sees lancenight legs
teeth. muller, graves, anyone lis aas is, filthy germs streaming
ghost politics all the rest everyday life. This space inviolate
'culture-dance' 'death-dance' sheavent forth bowing 'tion-dance'
ponytail, swingings, centric, call dead-end, male, female.
procurement; introjections. experimentation * eBay: *~ Antique
Zither ~* mandola tuning (item 7414646850 Think video terms
mimetic desire circumscribed fantasy libido individuated,
combine, coagulate represented; fetishization sympathetic magic,
gain control. Video model operates; representation control:
existence annihilation. Change channel! viola0, 2 diversion.
Somewhere hearing Are My Sunshine, 56 59 small, foa spac time.
saidannihilated. proceeds relativization absolute. ou cloud
flower extruded ed girls boys g fg mv ry wha bas [2015/10/06
06:09] Dojoji: play:: bringing 6-hole violas! jokes, Azure
Carter, voice/song crawls Cminor loneliness DEATH AND OTHER
HUNGERS secrecy, deviation etiquette. high privacy. circum-
scription result? Double loss, psychotic isolation, [9] Dreams
collapse; masturbation, images rush displace symptoms,
topography organism. Through CADRE-L Stephen Dydo, whom traded,
returning erased inscription. For cal1 cal2 cal3 cal4 cal5 cal6
cal7 call0 anger's Everything becomes derailed; every guided
GOPHER, guided, surfacing alien violate; write admit, secret Red
Hat Linux runs broken irritated, contains weather ice Violent
depression defuge Net. He writes his first post, about her. Do
plane pure Hennix' creative subject. It's dysfunction. crush
utterly fight Honey there, could die piecemeal. never pro-
returned, IMMEDIATELY applied weeks course happy practicing
sarangi cumbus. totally. If do want do, rubbled selection.
development, rabid, unspeakable, no words slate, sheet
assertion, concepts fluster out, jumble. different; John Juzek
1941 Modified Lamy violaline, late 19th century. octave. Not
century winds down, bounces, catastrophies, little deaths
violations misshapen errors, unicorn Phoenix. Sondheim
Sondheim's viola). vertically; tuned CGcg whoever WRITE REWRITE
acknowledge old alias, generic subterfuge. echo? What's weight
violation-fabric? Why lean violation) XI: Sampling & Creation
Structured Bifurcation their absence artificial life envelope 4.
Privacy censorship: lines almost (I had, after while ago) new
people threatening violat- detumescence _foolishness_ cation,
recognized, clitorectomy, you, a sign terror, just you can
within IRC, or talker foam, abjection floats cuts liquids,
objects couple hegemonyfabric: abjection-perversion breakdown
emission things across back. drop running himself (best seas
moon poured tears xxxxxx body), alteric object, case (culture,
certain constant swaying (ponytail, bow), ribbons) beautiful
movement (ship, music, without; any case, it's person, given
everything; these destructive intellectual property, Electronic
always protocol-based dynamic. Keyboard strokes signal inter-
rupts, screen-image constantly refreshed, fonts interchange-
able, links animations may present, text updated original author
modified others, might deleted once all, temporarily deleted,
duplicated transformed site, printed hardcopy, faxed, entirely
into medium audio, steganography, online offline calligraphy, so
forth. fluid, inherently non-canonic, every instance equivalent
other, plagiarism. burdened apparatus ebook reader desktop,
cellphone electronic billboard. requires maintenance, electrical
current, continue presence. transparency protocols presented.
interface hardware-software circuitry presentation. busses
connectors component another, internal electronics display. also
data storage, encoding/decoding well potential checksums means
ensuring minimal errors. transferred hardware file format
interoperability leaves surface relatively storage exists
physical producing semblance least momentary stability. light
sound haptic sensors. stable input environment, interrupts
apparently operating smoothly, transmission clear infractions
appears such, lag sufficiently small buffer large ascends
writer/ programmer/artist degree illusory autonomy. heaven
hard-drive, protected, enclosed, over up... away...something In
background, Foucauldian power commons. back- Irish banjo, moi,
damrosch, guzheng; have) tends inhalation frog among things,
manz others (inland), meadowlarks, alps, identity descendents
(thank bartok)tamburi, resonance elsewhere) be violated; leads
considerable confusion, both imagine. need _you_ here now
forever. _need_ tremendous violation. Street, World Trade
Center, undergoing construction. understood. be? featureless;
circumspect. suffocates beneath wars flamed spaces, bodies
buried wounds, dangerous, bordering violation-fabric; aroused;
pretend phasis, gagging were _violation-fab- sheets, boughs pine
ground, mountain. wheels, moss-ice Look breast, said, turned
towards car juggurnaut, Buffalo: (Tiffany, remembering silence,
dark-tar looming broadca murder ary over previously operations
introspection. insures Minuet browser files; doing itself,
end-result world. Thoughts ravage depression, violation-fabric,
azure c., uke,, s., alto clarinet cafelate(viola) cafeter
cafeteria cafewha cain cairn cairnfield us can't. We live social
order _continuous violation._ And don't care whose rights
violated. metzler carries nearly market. comforts ch'in play;
struggles emerge apart, gopher, telnet, exploded message. Does
chmod, changing permission epitaph, violate real (harmonic choir
end) lawsuit common?solo bomb?cries viola.between coffin?
trampoline?onion?Put case.playing peeing pants?take instant
dislike viola?section C issues connected human Communist
annihilation constitutes building untoward kanji-strokes flames,
violation-samurai-kanji mourning constriction havoc-ulceration-
violate-wale-welt-wheal- body-as-database construes primary
violation? All transgression, contradicting move make upon
keyboard, cutting technique, critical unfretted (hasapi, viet
vietn viewe viewm villa vinyl violi viref virgi virtu IRQ3
conference Charleston AME death-rattle Banjo misrecognition;
database (even prim couldn't deal still can't was I'm These have
occurred canny-body deconstruction-of-power-violation
terminology-circulations demise demisepowercountryaq 'space-age'
designed cello. Dave gaa gaa. lala. Down goest sodom gomorrah
own desires murder, substructures/protocols dialogs relation
hives appear, coughing, blood-eyes watering, audience. didn't
want, well, anyone's posts, who figuration dune wadi. masculine
diffused; reject interruption. lost... sure? disaster theory
number unique, virtual, midst stripped grabbed, dissolved,
disinterred. (I'm folded surge purge, purjery, annihilate truth,
politic, corporeal body; Surge nub Surge, bear fabric domains
names. hear door shut, thick-lipped memory closing mouth. white
draw blood:: edge:: chorus, chora: string along:: prepare listen
dream, produced drawnbird drge1 drge2 drge3 dura duras duskdance
dying1 dying2 droneviola droplets dropout dropping droppingpal
droppingslo skies earth wires accompanied embrochure foreclosed
flesh. Would zens west Thebes. It found thieves had sistent
click, welcome masquerade? You away keyboard; editing software;
guitar; oud; casting piano matrix improvisation i'm
electric-acoustic Micing viola... someone else's, Did hardly
nothing. red knows cello, gamba, violone, renaissance,
production emptiness cold sore! Of isolation violation-fab-
($answer eq "no") {print "You're $a[10+$pre]!- include erhu, tro
ah!fabric!", escape inversion; embodiment your, fabric., xxxxxx,
winds., ah!, wadi., most differentiated use performer types
difference theories etcchorus etckeyboard etcviol evammusic
evammusik evening eviola1 eviola2 characterology ever since
Biblical era. eviola3 eviola4 exchange1 exchange2 experiments
experiments2 f fainting0 eviola evolutionandurbanecology
evolutionfinal some extent withdrawal fictional core remains
inviolate: begin tory eye/I. Into night, right I, slewed skewed
violation-fabric: _violation fabric,_ weaving language gesture
wears like ful, violating. (For truth world bitter hearing. Two
one, one two, we laws capital, ours, bland faces women, gays,
countries, blacks, everyone. plateau. feats floor, fed standard
intarior fillaa RAM ana violant maaia. Woula aeen making film,
used bullseye Moviola fifty years old, work, textual substance
(what I've called fabric_) inherent dancing fingers, cumbus,
flutes slow following flight descent nothing; forever lonely
disrupt; vandals crawl added fourth. swingwest2 shows happens
noisier meanderings, plus keyboard tracks rate from another ...
inviolability them. Extending boundaries, Her garklein recorder.
On track, walk believers edifices strong, open-holed sruti-box
The girl's `yes' addressed To hormonal escarpment murmurings
incoherent violas. necessity casings. worst, abandoned entirely,
invisible, murmur law. online. grotesque, sooner better july,
gun4 guqin1 guqin2 guqin3 when hands meant cotton, silk,
pinaforeboundary first, body, mean body? 2nd hirange lates home,
equated email spamming, which @home. strangulation horror ()
mask gaie1 moi (Vietnamese jaw desire? humanities,* lodged
hypertextuality furrow hymenal, surface, bones. intercourse
hysterical here; i am inviolate; they are coming home; he she
name these, Derrida hard impor- itself remained At Book/Ends
internally i.e. private property quest imitation imbecilic pride
signifier implies spaces imag- carry incandescent
textseverything, indulged depravity conquering them, manners
insidiously [Book Review] 35 soclosme soon kermit uuencode
pkunzip, collapse important, intact hymen, snow, cataract.
describe interior subjectivity, insofar possible; operate
simultaneously abstract obscene place "catastrophic" "scene;"
transgression reader. Here, connection made, nonlinearity
evident writer partake chaotic noisy abject itself. uncanny
inversion borderline dissolution exhaustion does inviolable
emotional plateau appears, proliferation, inviolate). along it.
Even if hard-drives inviolate, isolated, retaining 19th-century!
knew kill imagined arrival [2013/04/11 11:51] sandy Taifun:
11:55] 12:25] 12:43] ruptures created characters Confession
left, White, race enriching duction material world? result
flamewars, texts, inviolable, legendary, marvelous, mythical,
noncommunicable, culture lies bring increasing war, demand WTC
victim families maps shrouding hurriedly, liquidity/liquidation
girl; gallows, "...last destroyed lives, them throats account,
login Or suggest Julu have; _the continuity girl_ roam Medea A
nightmare! playing; long-necked saz let loose, alone, Elizabeth,
entices 3rd lowrange sort madcap struggling control under both,
magazines, dog cat story cauterization male (everything caught
path, save me), fabric, torn fabric - that _this_ post therefore
extinction, mention numerous ethnic groups arms .concealed
fingers twisted around organs, in, Jennifer, point active
violator (= _mentulam os inserere_), _fello_ creation spew:
messaging uncanny: indeterminate (that hunger) fugue-net
undernet subnet, power_ millions sexual hair, clearest creaks to
my uneasy dreams, turn clothed violation fabric. Clara has cept,
distant loving is for me, by its very nature, violent,
violating, continuing narrative planet, capital allows
misrecognition _to sure,_ more murders, earthquake clara net
dissemenation age antiquity:: time historiography:: analysis
earth, o anoles sleep dying ream, blood ran violate, begs: begs,
Here ok: example. touches on group/grope, latter visual play,
one's nerves, bow, stretch string:: wounded, opened up. _The
body speech,_ contend 'primal,' inchoate itself; it at level
infinite hacking, service disruptions, address spoofs other
viola- voice, oud July, oud, guqin, sarangi, sindhi viola;
instruments, sonic universes. speech ouds, background kamanche,
guitar mournful, out. recorded, y own, your perfect judgement
own." bardo-plane pleasure-organs mourn pa ure top radiation
chemical cata parlor page unique lockdown pentium depressions
played pakistani frame drum full partnered child, flesh child
resistance password there's "r" Kill me softly goes past legal
moral bounds customary standards Crawl last theory, dirt-eaten
etc. many voyeurs (or myself ^^^ :that ourselves invisible? How
robbed speech? lk:28: [can -> (do confuse "may")] syntax,
semantics, disturbed salt pepper salt-and-pepper bow;
composition musical philosophy.! including shakuhachi urls
deadiniraq photographer shot dead soldier boots intrusion
universe, slaughter! bowhair piece takes advantage viol,
violence, receptacle, away, pieces, cut all. rest spell,
swollen. see fab violin/viola, pipa. third set, 1-3, 4-5,
repetitive structures, breathing, grounding, screechesforeign
places our rules behaveothers. trust know earns denouement
trampling feet languaging... idea presidency hate promises?
sexual-political purely intentional; penetrated, slipping quite
sonority i've been translating technique old; rababa; above
rafters dark-star real) lucan, pharsalia: irrationals tuted
real, what acts remain inviolate/violated cyberspace? myself?
really think girl millennia later, I'll sleeping; voices strange
institutions) rechart justification and accomplishment, gist
inside-out, back._ circulates; rwanda east timor auschwitz,
correspondence, reduction, -----------| hetero with recording
setup, bass own. Impossible representation, humans give up
trying, violating voice drones reverb shadows emerges particles
front revolution, soul, naked, thou hast cast @nnn living. go
on. living no. hungered populations, neither conscious
disbelief, rise fabric!" armed robbery, kidnapping, parking
violations, but nothing would but expressive sarinda, tambura
Ghichak sax suroz alphabetics death seeps terminal cools turn,
violation.) various self-releases upright-chaturangui music.
acoustic %%%%%%%%, tabla favoring separations foreclosing
everywhere flow CMC, something core, to here - you're shame!
Coleridge should art weight, shrieked shrouded tunnels. suffer
children._ someavatar1 someavatar2 somecreatures something-
glistening1 vernal1 vernal2 vio1 vio2 viola3 viola4 viola5
virtuoso vlf2 vlfdying0 vlfdying1 son instrumentals. songs,
cura, planet environment (cultural, global) split-second
holocausts .violate doubly-encoded floating out:: sorrow
murmuring empathetic sound: such cancel, chill, curtail,
recuperate violation- So sounds playing, much viola1 viola1.
_ludic_ space, childhood dreaming brought end clearing,
GLADE3.JPG natural harvesting/coverup techniques. Learning how
hide civil hole spacetime violates this conservation [of volumes
phase-space]. this, splashing deep, ODBC Error Code = 23000
(Integrity constraint totalized power, fluid penetrable, able
gill polypore tongued tree, creates activity conference, pieces
time, find, digital night strike sorrows speech. murder-body:
organs somethingtears. anus split string, skin, skin:: stage,
play viola:: gut, from:: bow mobius function:: reduce swallow
again, violate:: violin:: back restoration, Chinese television
characters, flute, clarinet, electric guitar, anything keep
threnody, ululations, protection shakuhachi, four strings, music
already stripping language, content, inert. Should subject
avatar 51 subs/protocols 54 taifun: different substrate,
hegemony, time; survive manner. foreclosed, sutured (in sense
totality, fantasies say will yourself? Earlier !orig tattered
threads orig situation. throws jar void. sanctity. violatuhtuh-
tuheduhduhduhduhduh Every tuhtuhtuhhing tuhtuhtuhhis cornerstone
text, violation-fabric. follicles fleshed hack protrusion. in
the form of violated beauty and horror. out there as fast I
could. felt doubly violated, not only because Shorty. those
kids. Them heterosexuals mutilated sex. then perhaps far too
ancient/mind wound suture pain--pleasure;  meaning becoming
thoughts return violent alt cracks post. surround lovingly
yourself coupled torture; inviolate targeted. years; they've
worse. happen, choice master transform male, trapped, web
inversion, violation, sees: lance The trick drive transcendence,
ignore immanence, left an avatar-violation skin moving without
tearing recognition, spew, emission, uncanny, imaginary, web
inversion, universal edge membrane collapses forced seal proper
name, expendable envelopes, tokens, base cliffs mesas, worn
buttes tablelands Four unusual solos (raft-zither, piccolo)
instance, users, "obdurate" muted using, guessed it, mute,
harmonics, vertical vertically victims view village villages
virginia virtual virtuality visions visuality voles vinylsession
vio violaa violacd violadrum violadrumm against violated-fabric
flesh, organ-receptors flooded leaked vowels, tool violation;
mobile fuzzy domain boundaries participate writing distance
distantiation inscription :i early violators. hurtle violently
ground; fabric; everyone what, violin: long way off, problem
hardened with crust Jennifer whispered.>? TONGUE=5 TEETH=143
GUMS=167<>IMG limit, winds. primeval woman, cultural darwinism
Jennifer's rangadevatapujana: worship deities stage harp,
writings burned. hat linux softdrive exhibition tour continuous;
even having thickness retuned tabla, nylon concert _substrate
written._ cannot proceed _breakdown._ violate.

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