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dead paste decay erosion sangha dharma buddha

same dead paste decay erosion solitary figure bad-dance avatar
in empty sim, bloodred water, lowering sky, spurious movement,
end of this artist's ambition-vision, androgynous staring, at
you, starring you, starring dead ambition, grotesque movements
recuperating same old stories, no irigarayan transitivities, no
speed-metal accelerationism, just but only dead style, vacant
pre-speech re-productions, another local host bites the bloodred
dust, running on empty overtime draught drought, invisible hated
selves, censorial fears over nothing,

bloodred figure sure this universe repetitive, sexblending, same
old dance routines, staring Because I Will It Staring, jumbled
notions, everything gone Riding Your Back once again, stale odor
of death, suppurated flesh somewhere Not Here, no-hole mouths

oldest trick in the virtual, parent-child avatar relations, no
escape, suffocating, throat-stenches, everyone Laughs At This,
inconceivable to JJJ, what a joke they can't hear, they can't
move their move, sightless, Images For Eyes, Nothing for Ears,
let it go, art's dead end, world's dead end two,

No Apocalypse But In Things

sangha dharma buddha

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