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New work on Azure's blogs! And a review and an itinerary!

Azure's put up new work and findings on her blogs, please see
below! And we're traveling starting Friday, for close to two

New review with video!

And our itinerary:

We're leaving in two days to travel for two months; our postings
might be intermittent. We're going first to Atlanta, where we're
looking into possibly moving; we're also performing at Eyedrum
on the 20th, I'm playing with an improvisatory group on the
18th, and I'll be interviewed sometime during the week. We're
visiting some wonderful friends there, and if you're in Atlanta,
contact us!

We're then going to Omaha for a couple of days, staying with
Barbara Simcoe and Lee Murray, then going to Denver, to visit
Azure's parents for a couple of days, and then going to Salt
Lake City, to visit Azure's aunt also for a couple of days.

Then on to Victoria, BC, to visit my brother and his family, and
to speak at University of Victoria as part of their Digital
Humanities Summer Institute program, as well as at the
Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) conference. We'll visit
for two weeks or so, hope to go back to Carmanah. We'll have a
lot of family time!

After that, we return to Salt Lake City, Denver, and Omaha, for
longer visits (doing work all the way out and back), and after
Omaha, most probably straight back to Providence, possibly
stopping off at Toronto!

We should also be playing in New York and Philadelphia later

Do write us if you're in any of these places!

love, Alan (and Azure sends her regards)

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