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viola with jetplanes and birds

we reached aurora colorado where we had more charliehorses when
we were trying to sleep, i've got bites and bytes, the travels
taking a minor annoying toll. with meandering, only about 2800
miles so far, next stop in a few days, salt lake city. today
there are tornado warnings. i played with the planes and birds.

thinking constantly about codework now and its relation to a new
music-aesthetic dynamics. ruptured code, many-to-many, nothing
well defined, inconceivable, dynamics shuffling around

we keep the humidity as much as possible between 40-65%, healthy
for flesh and wood. going over the rockies next leg, then two
legs to canada and victoria. buddhism and even zalamea's
synthetic philosophy of mathematics have echos of scholasticism
i think, so my escape is to problematic grounds of abjection.
today placed three X signs, small wooden plaques, on my mouth
and nipples, and a 1/2 sign on my crotch. i wondered about XXX
and then what is XXX and a half, and the X i use (similar
typeface) for the isis flag in my videos, and what about a
proliferation of unknowns, X against X, mirrored within X or
duplicated within X, doppelgangers, X-gangers, universal
granularity of virtual particles, and those that, in human
terms, seem to stay around for a while. the urge of sexuality,
always a murmur.

the interstates in missouri had no protective fences and there
was carnage everywhere. i never want to drive through the state
again. dead deer, armadillos, coyote, groundhogs, skunks,
opossums, hundreds of mutilated corpses on the road. towards
western nebraska and eastern colorado then, and feedlots all
over the place, cows standing in their own feces, horrifying
smells, concentration-camps for animals.

i read along the way, trying to retain my sense of the

we're going to a nice clean conference. if the charliehorses
continue, we'll limp through it. in the meantime music fills the
air, violaplanebird intermix.

something to listen to, severe storms and possible tornados in
the forecast.

spotters may be needed.

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