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June 8, 2016

I'm Giving a Talk at DHSI, University of Victoria, Tomorrow

Please come if you can! (ELO welcome of course!)

Azure and I drove across country (from Providence, RI, through
Atlanta, GA, to Victoria BC); we arrived a few days ago. I'm
speaking at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute, at U. Vic,
tomorrow, Thursday, at 5:00-5:30 - details of the (heavily
illustrated) talk below:

Thursday, June 9th, 5:00 to 5:30

Event: Alan Sondheim, "Language, Accident, and the Virtual"

(MacLaurin Building, Room A144)

Abstract: This talk engages concepts of blankness, geography,
gamespace in virtual worlds, and what I term edgespace - the
limits of the gamespace, where language occurs and seethes. I
argue that the phenomenology of the real comes into play when
living spaces are abandoned, where broken geographies are signs
of a future already present. I present instances of digital
language production in such spaces, working through virtual
worlds such as Second Life and the Macgrid, as well as
self-contained Open Sim software that can be run on most

The edgespace is always uneasy, tottering, catastrophic; it is
the space of the unalloyed digital, where things no longer
operate within a classical or modernist tradition. Increasingly,
this space characterizes our current place in the world, with
its fractured media histories and environments of scorched
earth, environmental depredation, and slaughter. We can work
through and within such spaces, developing (as perhaps Occupy
did) new forms of production, resistance, and digital culture.

Thank you!

- Alan

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