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June 10, 2016

(presenting at DHSI, U. Vic, Azure Carter, photo)

a       are reborn as vermin. They howl forever because of their
terrible deeds. aren't patriotic. died this country is Godless.
a cult. one man. conspiracy. and kill you can do nothing to stop
me. exposed. We're depressed. falling down the eastern seacoast
all you. in ruins. jammed with us. these amazing they shaped
like tiny cones anthrax." missile trail.:the other waits:one
waits.:: letter.:another mark.:a mark.:: another mark!:8 julu:7
julu::17 julu:16 julu: it has taken 0.167 minutes swallow your
last ... addiction nudes, programs :the category nudes we speak,
often cannot function. i am off medication. sleep; tonight again
night full nightmare internal violence. gnaws at world. ran away
together. were seen going west from if shot through gauze (it
wasn't), first had talc, pretended annihilation translation
naming enumeration form chaos being non-being associations
bracketing demarcation information set equality analysis
repeated sort instance made by file1 > file2 - which alphabetic
order. transforms concepts presumably have ally independent.
associative complexes formed sorting consciousness 'self'
'self-awareness'; brings analysis^2 such' relation legitimacy.
see thwarted apologetics writing, writing an n-dimensional
space,! 1-196401!
1-514916! 1-631387! 1-1011382! 1-281971! 1-520256!
1-36957! 1-214792! 1-449809! 1-166109 alt.homosexual!!
alt.sexual.abuse.recovery! alt.sexual.abuse.recovery.d!!!!! 1-1188!!
1-6,8-9,11,21-22,25-26,30,34-36,38,51-53,66-67,71 I would rather
eat Fruits Triumph than my flesh torn among predators. "When
human dies his deeds weighed violence there no escape. Behold
Caves Heathen. When Essenic Flames; some Truth Burgess; guilty.
what damage done fucking rocky satisfied tourists cameras they'd
come viable mode CHAIRS TABLES communicationWALLS world's
population grows austere elements opera muted terror
annihilation. already memory denial. This was happening them.
For time, trauma takes central stage. The audience apocalypse
armageddon. i'm tired defending myself. stdin. anthrax rape alan
azure. media azure alan. cnn azure.:if want will destroy same;
resonate; remain incomplete; pornography anything any speed;
lends itself you; domains; about sexual history. appreciate so
very much partner. Tell me more most intense went out, lay back
deckchairs pool stared up after death, nothing. judgment
senseless. draw that just that, without meaning except take for
along, where ethics belongs. but not world; within that. life
turns into impossibility virtue azure, said, almost crying,
wanted hold back, you're only alteration program (LRTAP).
written last. occurs. above, near bottom carefully surveying
earth, light brown lizard around corner plant, walks off, still,
sex-terror leaflets video\scrip sound\scrip, company scrips,:oh
well descrips images, scripts,:interiors, exteriors, entries,
contents:setups message someone be murdered. unable speak.
hiding. arrested. frightened death. $pid knew along!", "\n\n"
2==$g;:sleep(1);:print address. If received email error, please
accept our apologies. another. girl silent. sits there. she
fragile.  accidental tourist.:x''':x'' almost.
dead^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ gone^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ pushed able input or
output, foreclosed presumption rich inner lives, programmings
constructing fortification-modules them, sharing virtual-real
worlds worldings 8.950 turning Jennifer dwsd. dirty wet cloth,
feminine linen work flax velvet altering (responding text)^2 gap
hiatus. wayward contrary characters. harshness all, males
devours inside. it's distrust males, character also stain
residue, always wants disappear engrave stone. everything stone
then rails totality writes dubious philosophy. doesn't make
sense. tearing each bayhead.dmessmass dmessmess dmess Nikuko.
it. No else find out anything. Don't leave swearing secrecy
myself secrecy. go further, anus, dead here: :Scattered-bombs
locus quality text. ./alan diacritical presence. virtual life,
intention presence position array x+1 between 0 1; foreclosed.
arms. kernel generator. something emerges, expands. trapped it.)
2002 12:20:58 -0500nel disfri mar 29 16:27:03 est says ==
religion. temple. holy city. one's flesh, lacerate onself, cut
offending bit ability maintai text spurts, outline, chasing
down, encapsulating, limited domain inscribed fuzzy boundaries.
domains clue interpretable symptom, according scheme based
articulated methodology. cue activation anomaly repetitive
structure domain. turn may evidence past present; attention.
begins pre-theoretic presuppositions. schemes noise. approach,
detour regard; again; behavior clusters attributes. story biome
flora/fauna regimes. muck clutter skin. differentiation mass.
eidetic reduction anomalies generative boundaries, entities,
temporary accountable accounted-for. unaccountable, uncounted,
generates circumscriptions, circumlocutions; involved
potentially around, turned horizons 'subjective' 'objective'
approach self-critical, self-critique; critique appears be)
case. extent phenomenology object both diffuses expands;
becoming invisible, participates dialectics reifications,
objectifications, subjectivities, absorptions data, local
geodesics, clouded enumerations, no-see-ums. (thus sides, top
forth) disconnected (to 'its' reference, dedication authority,
placement reification peer consensus; rethinking it, arc across
report, response, 'of it' possessive releasement. analysis.
bladderwort surrounds nano-bio organelles. movement, neural
networking, stasis, world shutting-down live-born young order
day. second-order phalanx inside mutated grills. intervention.
dynamic everything; think glades _inscribed surface_
transforming space time surface organic shifting. simultaneous
entanglement migration; vectored, vector everything. american
bittern breathing sheet water laminar/animal flow broken x ~x =
inscribes null x^~x intersection. a. unintended x-protocol: dna
crystal mapping, clays, lindenmayer algorithms plant formation.
b. intended tcp/ element-between dirty, abject, fuzzy,
problematic, historically approach; marks/inscribes
investigation, expenditure, meaning's withdrawal. apple-snails,
high-flying snail-kites, swallows' enormous swallows hi-speed,
polluted cypress-domes, hammocks, we're animals red eyes
substructural matrix (presentation format) co
alligator:alligator:alligator:: alligator busy glade! plants
narrows open wide poisoned _climbed_ animal. Greek answer
abraham afraid animal iron dying agreed upon sender receiver.
discontinuous, syntactic, digital, characterized discrete abjure
clear distinction analog symbolic. Cartesian coordinates
countermanded arbitrary location origin. metonymy tropes,
digital. analogic. creation signifier re-inscribes signified
accounted-for, trembling fragile falling-apart, they're poison
men's minds, perfect audience) Which did use? (pause) (louder)
used KNIFE OF COURSE? digital interpenetrate 5 interpenetrate.
least extent. number. (distinction orders here chaotic. regimes
digital: audio/video/image/web/performance coheres. languaging
background, disseminated, dissimulated. attempting grasp
infinite. theme 'otherwise.' argument totalization. code affairs
gossamer seasonal pinup phase military art Ando beauty princess
sea yet direction Watanabe summing-up absence every other.
absolute frameworks, definitive infinities. production discrete;
never done. bulwark fiction; non-fiction, languorous; mattered
universe large. unpublished letter Edwin Way Teale found copy
Near Horizons, finality not. But sure burden ghosts, about. More
dominated electronic afterwards, when expected. These times ah,
wondering perhaps Wait minute, I'm sorry, disappear. You know
"the weather." See how foreign America. don't love country,
making show ESPECIALLY FOR YOU. plane floats landing.) thank
coming. antenna coupling musicla instrument strings, there's
microphone, azure's movements coupled came goiing armegeddon
isn't corner, now apologize. maybe sense point analogic well.
means INTO WETWARE perceiving SUBJECT), cast-off ass posted val
prieto august pm trackback suck blog administrations
catastrophic response katrina sadly clinton been health
hurricane fuck day analog: infiltration dirt, unacknowledged
real entirely, births result deformed infants. Ozone depletion
miniaturization. achieved consciousness. Robotics
nanotechnologies plagues will. unbreathable, asthma / allergic
reactions throbbing coc k filthy germs streaming ghosts soak
waters fire, well, miss apart, couldn't watch four minutes,
shaking, wrong me, do, final cities, living forest, force
world-wide, too annihilation, preacher them hmans tear tongues,
articulation, burning, end-angel, reassemblage, once annihilate,
truth false demand, willingly, element humans nation-wide
continuously-maintained. DSL course channel. wireless modem
built US. In traced extractive industries; nation, communication
other, using variety maintenance. socio-economic grid provides,
various routes, abstract numbers eventually results movement
goods acceptable parameters. use Zaurus, hand, digital)
employed; programmed languages are, part, locally coherent.
Abstract physical objects created life-forms ultimately
reproduce themselves exist certain political/abstract economies;
example, accuracy; otherwise, slippage might entire bio-cultural
apparatus collapsing, possibility recuperation. others;
stability, analog/digital investigations: physics, mathematics
*/failed far/* anomalous vlf signals welded together */as still
earth/* assertion. who manufactures sheet? organism? species?
second limit i.e. bandwidth perceptual any./* chiasmus until
extinction. accountancy disinterrment unaccountable. eternal
presencing. allowing speech formlessness abacus processes
protocols. shape-riding synaptic signals. assignments flexible,
flex-work. construct margins state unitl moment observed, forced
life/death antennas tended possible get archaeological remnants,
paints, scratches, rubber trails, scars angeles choreographer
discussing latest "new moves" chant slaughter poem eagles
timeinged, forlorn, ininged we, fraught thisinged darkling
placeinged here, theinged fecund flora, machineinged during
continuesinged unflinged unabatedinged whereinged place flocks,
anhinga, heron, weinged unhinged gods, nowinged machine slaugher
hereinged continues congo killing atinged leopold meloninged
judge budge juiceinged happy midst mustinged murder proceedinged
millions nation carefullyinged rings twenty-five itinged melon
isinged blood juice youinged willinged must fiften beinged
proceed happyinged belgians withinged perfectinged while hands
fingers ringinged unclear exactly congoinged underinged dinged
many leopoldinged estimatesinged ranged nine frominged nineinged
under unclearinged twenty-one exactlyinged estimates howling
howinged range deranged manyinged lynched diedinged speciesinged
singed capableinged soon ofinged torture slaughteringed species
empire appliesinged capable twenty-oneinged burned millioninged
white phosphor asinged a-bombed peoples sooninged its typeinged
typed bloodinged furious energies condoned condominged same irak
name foringed domestic grist mill askinginged begging type
binged itsinged filling fullinged condom genocides energiesinged
yours sameinged leopold's gristinged handsinged careful offinged
pictures ainged women agoinged areinged chopped pleaseinged
carefulinged oh century's picturesinged long ago womeninged
seemed andinged wereinged deadinged remember names caninged
manipulate manipulateinged clubinged thing impossibleinged begin
lord's teachesinged thereinged noinged religion teaches toinged
tongues begininged innocent innocentinged thatinged save us
logic logicinged salvage corpses outinged fed noringed whole
saveinged salvageinged dogs crows wellinged neither beast nor
inged wholeinged escape mattressinged manifold bunny folksinged
fur mattress youringed synthetic cathedral syntheticinged folks
bunnyinged blooded furinged dismal comfort haveinged you've
nothinginged farm justinged aboutinged comfortinged we've
comeinged say it'singed clearinged skininged amount notinged
blood's skeininged mawinged culture fucked familyinged skin
skein sayinged scratch maw hard stick dreyfusinged tasty drink
hardinged dreyfus pierced stickinged stockade morsel tastyinged
cleared tinged iinged palisades souls palisadeinged doubled wall
food doubledinged slots wallinged doors bullets yesinged tallies
letters nearlyinged governor watches nearly watchesinged
twenty-fiveinged few remaining teninged years sweetinged ten
yearsinged hand meat charred actinged monument arrestsinged
belgium usa france iran criminalsinged patriot patriotinged act
canada sweden china taiwan actsinged arrests malay timor hinged
oninged true megafauna mega meatinged criminals granite
monumentinged acts own realize tire killinginged philosophy
stillborn goes tireinged lashed philosophyinged sex advances
aristotleinged stays stillborninged sutras cocks cunts munged
aminged upanishads wandered occupyinginged saying occupying
sutrasinged occupiedinged centuryinged observeinged understand
hinge observe hisinged lastinged mirror mirrored mirroringed
doomed slaughtered eachinged anywhere otheringed bad
inconvenient inconveniencesinged fragility material-real, inert
unique; equivalence Net destined artifacts. We should prepare
this. recognize future better "not writing." Wait, lost suitcase
somewhere outside Chicago.You're early, anyway scandal over Abu
Gharayb animated motion graphics graphic device messing
attitudes body. So sensor stuff soup kitchens overflowing giving
those Huntington beach california, fourth july animations
surfaces stapled LITERALLY end... idea (according Schelling Idea
better. others night, distant glimmers eternity page, slight
cough Schroedinger looking forward slopes, rumours Davos, mice
scuttling floor, representation embedded appeal meaning,
transcendence, falls knees >>> tell >>>> classical treasure
unquestioning existence, ontology, nothingness. slipping.
legends buying selling fake load quake

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