The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

June 20, 2016

our trip so far

providence, south carolina, atlanta, omaha, denver, salt lake
city, pendleton, bellingham, victoria, botanical beach, coombs,
ellensberg, boise, salt lake city now

eyedrum, atlanta; dhsi and elo, victoria, botanicals everywhere

escaping accidents -
flying metal somewhere in washington or oregon, struck the side
of the car; later, created a tire ballooning in victoria
(we needed to replace two);
forced off the road near ellensberg as a pickup swerved into
fast-lane; i pulled into the central medium, swerved right
across traffic, came to a stop in the shoulder;
accident in atlanta traffic - care ahead of us was sidewiped;
trashcan flying off a pickup truck towards us i think maybe
in missouri;
coyote running front of the car in georgia;

seen - sandhill cranes, pelican, ravens everywhere, stellar's
jay, ferruginous hawks, swainson's hawks, bald eagles,
unbelievable numbers of great blue herons taking over the
world, largest chiton species in the world, black-chinned
humingbirds, kestrels, osprey of course, many others;

not to mention amazing people at dhsi and elo!
and our assorted relatives along the way!

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