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twilights and shootings police markings,
West Jordan, shooting, multiple bullets fired, man shot in
the neck " " cura cura

you can't escape the violence you just can do the music

then this:

Amjad Sabri, Famed Sufi Singer, Is Gunned Down in Pakistan New
York Times - 17 hours ago Onlookers and journalists gathering
around the car driven by the singer Amjad Sabri, who was killed
after unidentified gunmen fired into his car, in Karachi,
Pakistan, on Wednesday. Amjad Sabri: Pakistanis mourn singer
killed by TalibanBBC News Amjad Sabri, Renowned Pakistani
Qawwali Singer, Shot Dead In KarachiInternational Business Times
Local Source:Amjad Sabri laid to rest amid tears, thousands
attend funeralThe News International From Pakistan:The last
Sabri silencedDaily Times

you just can't do the music
you have to do the music

opinion: republicans in the senate should be tried for murder
by proxy. they just have to have their guns. they just have to
use them.

Hypophora: But what should I do with my music? If I play my
music it's meaningless. But it keeps me alert, alive, ongoing,
thinking, theorizing, exercising. But it takes too much time,
too much energy, far too much stress. But stress is good for me.
But stress will kill me. But who wants to live in a dying world?
But the world is still filled with wondering. But suffering is
on the increase. But you can buy a gun. But a gun is horrifying,
only useful for killing and maiming. But you can kill yourself.
But then you just can't do the music and you have to do the
music. But then Republicans in the Senate should be tried for
murder by proxy. But then you have to try the Republicans in the
House. On the other hand, you can listen to the music. You can
play the music and listen to the music.

You can listen to the music.

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