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giraffe banjorette (from IG&B site) (from IG&B site)

the "gentle giraffe with tall children, eating the "leaves of
trees." i am why was the giraffe a foot? because he was looking
for food. southern Africa to chase the giraffe; but surely I
hear them and I hear you. i am the mule, who can never breed. i
am the gentle giraffe who gave name to the giraffe banjo or
giraffe banjorette as the case may be, made by Stewart in the
1880s but this one I suspect may be 1870s anonymous. i never
knew of the instrument until visiting the Intermountain Guitar
and Banjo online site and then visiting the store in Salt Lake
City, where I met Leo Coulson, who I knew in Providence in the
1960s, when he was half of Providence Guitar and Banjo. I was
amazed at the store, ended up purchasing the giraffe b. which is
ideal for me, fast action, fretless after the first octave.
something to work with on our endless meandering, next stop Las
Cruces, then back to Denver. In the meantime I can practice
daily, which I desperately need to do, and I can enjoy the odd
19th-century sound of the instrument. The sound is presented
raw, (no echo, sweetening, etc.); perhaps errors abound;
giraffe1, you can see the centering occurring as the piece
proceeds, somewhat in-scale based; giraffe0, somewhat blues

i'm still in flight, anyone out there familiar with category
theory, please contact me back-channel, thanks;

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