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July 5, 2016

{ places universes: choras of narrative
  (giraffe banjo in 91f heat, retunings and performance)

choras - or knots - of narrative - entanglements
chaotic narratives - narratives without closure -
i.e. porous, fuzzy, fractal, stochastic manifolds -
edgespaces of the imaginary - imaginary of edgespace -

1 { places universes

$i; ", "%s printf along" "A by" "Frog hunting" game" /[j]+/
"Partridge wife" /[k]+/ children" "Beaver directions" "The
"Panther blood" /[q]+/ "Mosquito big" "Wuu mosquitoes" sun" up"
"Even them" /[v]+/ "In meet" "Shoot fuel" /[x]+/ daughter"
"Raven twice" /[z]+/ "There tail" left" "Out water" him" }"
"and" "and /[m]+/ jumped Even shade burned readings" evening's
this "aporias /[d]+/ "Coyote Trout" removal extension
comprehension" alone "unaligned, /[th]+/ undignified aparting
Shoot at grass figure girls get fuel Mosquito ate belly big
manitous back Skunk along "He back" internals beyond" beyond no
there's "traced, /[p]+/ traced, bonds caught" caught irregulars,
irregular /[t]+/ door" cave's closed, "open, /[e]+/ unaligned,
comprehension place" contracts, owners, leaving "falling /[n]+/
less" cord-, hook-, hanging, "mirrors /[i]+/ object" destroying
absence "fuel's /[g]+/ universal disappearance absence"
disappearings' "stanzas /[r]+/ collapse's disorder open, door
irrevocable" engrained "which, /[in]+/ might fall into ice
aparting" falling think "undignified /[l]+/ tree fell on Ravens
daughter There flood Chicken Hawk put bonds" chora's breaking,
moment's /[s]+/ chief gave commands, Who the sun tail had four
strips, Then one left came home Frog going Beaver made holes in
all directions always hunting ) i++ NF; <= i 1; = ( for >= i--
image down" ice" fuel's object those incapable cauldron which,
irrevocable He killed much game mirrors less extension" live's
giving never "removal /[a]+/ A manitou passed by following
morning up questions" names' "removing /[em]+/ universes" not
are, "what /[wh]+/ bit off bows dragged them In middle of world
we meet image" outing drawn, "fuel /[f]+/ The people down then
he shot him Panther pretended to be dead and Partridge went
there "1" print /^$/ removing questions aporias readings
subterfuge" remnant data's paper, "what's /[o]+/ universals, run
Raven said Now they die twice tunnels" senses nothing "caves
/[y]+/ Coyote stretched his hand out Trout what's subterfuge
run" these "universals, /[ng]+/ saw town was told Come eat blood
caves tunnels disorder" unassimilated "collapse's /[c]+/ stars"
unlucky planets' unlucky, stars "all /[w]+/ disappearance"
vulnerable knowledge's "universal /[er]+/ Out water cauldron"
water's skies bowls "incapable /[u]+/ there" were things times
exact "those /[h]+/ are" what "knowledge's /[me]+/ her, where
children found wife internals" within ending's seed "the /[b]+/
woods^n" woods "into /[to]+/ stanzas woods^n Wuu you are a
manitou, shall mosquitoes "\n"; }

2 { places universes

{ ) i-- 1; >= i NF; = ( for always already beset by virtuality
here at the laboratory I am Demiurge and Creator nothing gives
way but plasma cut across if its not empty, what should it be
$i; ", "%s printf filtering through wet sand quality of worlds.
ontologies ways means taking granted things borders on to cold
death evanescence "\n"; a filter has own political economy } "1"
print /^$/ Trout" home came "Coyote /[a]+/ which is everything
Im energy other first place that with vast expectations world
they come from cant do anything adjust software, filter, text
flat, gone world, enlightened, black back" hand his stretched
"He /[b]+/ beneath this moves active filters are maintained we
appear as an afterthought down" jumped /[c]+/ threads, sutures,
creates real emerges skein ice" into fall might /[d]+/ while now
emanents move, submerged true gnaws my dreams fears dying along"
went /[e]+/ by" passed manitou "A /[f]+/ going was "Frog /[g]+/
hunting" /[h]+/ game" much killed /[i]+/ wife" found "Partridge
/[j]+/ children" where her, said /[k]+/ directions" all in holes
made "Beaver /[l]+/ makes new wild thing them dragged bows off
bit /[m]+/ Skunk back manitous "The /[n]+/ there" Partridge dead
pretended "Panther /[o]+/ blood" eat shall you Come told town
saw /[p]+/ big" belly blood ate "Mosquito /[q]+/ allows us see
mosquitoes" manitou, Wuu "Wuu /[r]+/ sun" Who commands, gave
chief /[s]+/ up" Coyote morning following /[t]+/ them" burned
sun shade "Even /[u]+/ meet" middle "In /[v]+/ fuel" get girls
figure grass "Shoot /[w]+/ daughter" Ravens fell tree /[x]+/
perhaps good nature twice" die Now "Raven /[y]+/ tail" up put
Hawk Chicken flood "There /[z]+/ submerged, time left" one there
Then strips, four had tail water" "Out him" shot he then down
people out 1 A He game Panther mosquitoes The him Trout along
sand" "filtering ice Frog hunting Beaver directions Even Shoot
fuel left Out water thing" "this children In meet not" "which
Raven twice submerged" "while moves" "beneath time" "submerged,
There ontologies" "and Mosquito big about says whatever same,
"are /[0]+/ maintained" "active other" "through "perhaps
daughter place" "the afterthought" "we expectations" "with
things" from" economy" "a real" skein" "nothing wife virtuality"
"always Creator" "here dying" text" "I across" evanescence"
"borders be" "if black" "but

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