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July 7, 2016

Inverse Dynamics Processing giraffe banjo cifteli giraffe banjo echo harmonica

instruments: cifteli giraffe banjo

The process is irreversible, the morphisms non-abelian,
although t -> -t -> t is reversible.

The process also depends on hard-limiting, which transforms
the input structure; the operation is two-staged:

Think of the operations as a fundamental inversion of amplitude,
a form of energy conversion, f(x) -> 1/x for example, x ranging
between, say, (0,2). The practical result is the audibility of
the surrounding environment and the player's body and play
processes; the normative instrumental sound is backgrounded
(what is taken as acceptable sound, as music, for example).

(It feels like a form of channeling, an introjection of alien
material in relation to a trialog among body, electronics,
acoustic instruments. Or a projection of such sound. Or sound
speaking through loud speakers. Or speakers channeling
amplitude. Or speakers channeled. Or inversions of any of

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