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July 11, 2016

not existence now

not paris texas not red desert

existence not existence
not existence not existence
not anywhere
not so a position on a manifold
not so a flow or dynamics on a manifold
not dead flesh not not dead flesh
not one that one would notice
not the color of maw color of slay
not our land never our land not anywhere our land
not this moment of land
not now
not existence now

1 desert red not texas paris Coyote came home to Trout He might
fall into the ice went along killed much game The manitous back
and Skunk Panther pretended be dead Partridge there saw a town
was told Come you shall eat blood Wuu are manitou, mosquitoes A
chief gave his commands, Who sun following morning up tree fell
on Ravens daughter tail had four strips, Then one left Out water
people down then he shot him stretched hand out manitou passed
by Frog going always hunting found wife Beaver made holes in all
directions bit off bows dragged them Shoot at grass figure girls
get fuel anywhere Raven said Now they die twice manifold
position so dynamics or flow jumped flesh notice would that Even
shade burned slay of color maw land our never In middle world we
meet moment this now 1

Parasite flute revrev invdyn
*/i love this music by the way, what parapara parasites!/*

contagion of processing, inverted dynamics, striations,

Nikuko's favorite parapara: the inscription. the parapara has
everything to gain; as such it is also the nexus; in the absence
of the parapara, all that's left is the the parapara interferes
with everything; interferes with and constructs any paraparas,
oozing suppurations. There's none of the truth of the "in the
quest for perfection of the parapara you through around the cant
word 'parapara,' nothing changes; if anything, the whirl - the
parapara - among modulus parapara among wonder. remains of me,
my parapara, a parapara of alterity, dreams of catalytic
parapara. The exchange from interior to interior that occurs - I
am waiting to die! I am your parapara! I am invisible and
useless! I am organicity, the cooperation of paraparas,
mitochondria, various unwanted entities. Plans are parapara
gnaws modulus borromean gnot. parapara is my body gnawing
modulus construction. parapara wonder-certain-site. is in my
semen death separates modulus death parapara, a parapara of
alterity, dreams of others, incandescent. parapara, among
modulus parapara among wonder. among nothing i am way to
parapara=invasion does the diagram bring the paraparas, pass
among paraparas paraparas, poisons, life parallel to illness or
death or paraparas, sun planets lives, whom speaking, mind
without service god, scrapes language by the intervention of the
parapara" in which a _parapara_ modifies the T-model; my death
separates modulus death parapara-disturbances - noise, chaotic
noise, paraparas, viruses, Trojan horses, Code or annihilation
of code, presence or absence, interrupting parapara interference
implies strictures and parapara; think of michel inverted
dynamics foregrounds background/body sounds, parapara Males were
paraparas one way or another in this business. 0-resonance |
boundary delineation | protocol-parapara | kings signs. sign
omens, omen harbinger, O asphalt of moon of earth of earth of
parapara=invasion of the of nothing am nawing the gnot, parapara
is my body gnawing modulus construction. divided in conflict
between "paraparas, victims, and parapara-fighters." insides
out, paraparas, dead men walking - it is here, {x} <> |P| <>
{~x}, that the parapara is manifest - the noise Invisible Being:
"You're my parapara, that's true. I'll push out and pull girl!
Everyone knows I am a parapara. borromean separated nightmares,
of the flesh, stench, silence, noise, parapara, i am parapara
way to death modulus way to death. i am such that the parapara
has falln, nib in hand. "it enters into your holes, eats
asundered by parapara wonder-certain-site. thing else, carrier
or parapara." it all disappears shortly after death. i among
modulus parapara among wonder. along with it. Or rather, the
parapara move the thing and thereby creates in parapara of my
body. "you're my parapara, that's true." i'll Annoyance corrupts
routine; it is parapara gnawing away at the kappa with
ideohydraulesis! the semen year subject to paraparas in the
city, vandals, feral and not-so-feral, like a sort of parapara,
either in the form of an unresolvable motor considered channel.
T-model parapara as imaginary; action, that soul parapara =
absent soul that in dog in the glitch-parapara drives creation
annihilation content. epistemologically, the parapara may be
other than the death gnaws parapara death gnaws borromean not.
death separates modulus death parapara. in the eddies lapping
gold azure. where my legs join my legs. paraparas to the prions
and viruses, the phages and the bacteria, the paraparas,
leftover, including traps, paraparas, poisons, traffic, cats,
illnesses, modulus rules parapara rules borromean death.
grove-grovel paraparas on dirtied organism, infects dirtied
organism, flow and flux of paraparas they tackle my paraparas
and defeat me. my defeat strengthens me. body. Does wonder
replace parapara? Does parapara sight?

Nikuko: "I am a parapara. I am neither a girl nor a boy! I look
like one."

Nikuko: "You know this because I never lie! I'm a parapara!"

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