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July 12, 2016

Kentucky some (first state) (different state)

giraffe banjo dynamics/striations that lonesome sound

reading Ballad Makin' in the Mountains of Kentucky, Jean Thomas
who was from there and recorded and died at one hundred, could
something be lost in the dynamics as global modeling reflects
categories and totalities lost in the chaotic domain, that high
lonesome sound, that cry and uncanny echo from the depths of the
woods - now how is that done by the trunk and the bark of the
trunk, always the gesture _yonder,_ another moment, imminent,
immanent, emanant, another spectral spectrum

(and) empty (lonesome)
From that day forward, we sailed within these worlds, and our
lonesome sea

lonesome forest modestly ancestral nce live silence reticence
lonely meditatively calm lonesome seek texts you can meander the
highways and the high lonesome places my guitar and shakuhachi
will miss me and my long lonesome sound he said. He had that
deeper sound, not that high lonesome sound, but that lonesome
sound but that edgy sound at the lip of a cave or abandoned
shack lonesome (and) emp a h ( bank (marsh) (you will be) for e
( icence (loosen, break up) anxie y (lonesome)  seek ( y
(choice)  separa y he) ancien y (lonesome)  seek ( s)
lesiurely (loosen, break up) anxie oldermple(lonesome)
An(forsearchrch breakkup) texts breakup)(loosen,k calm lonesome,
calm after the hunt but then it turns a cave or abandoned shack
somewhere in the lonesome sound but that edgy the good-time boys
hear that lonesome whistle blow than will miss lonesome work,
now work dancing enough sex said lonesome or lonesome sex said

said that lonesome sound
said that lonesome
that lonesome sound

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