The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

the trip video complete! (completed)

"upon me, your seven women of technical prowess, your triple
double-you, photos from our trip number eight hollow road on our
trip across the country, you may have fun following us - is true
for your trip is mine upon me, your seven men of technical
prowess, your triple double-you, our trip so far upon me, your
seven women of technical prowess, your triple double-you"

- that text going nowhere, the trip finally over, or rather a
slide perhaps into another leaving, another flight, roughly
16320 km, the video from stills at 10 fps, everywhere, among
friends, relatives, drives, performances, hikes, talks,
discussions, demonstrations, throughout ten weeks on the move or
or stasis-static, or on the run, or among british columbia and
any number of states in the u.s.a. or what passes for the
u.s.a., the floodwall coming soon, the punctuation of may 31,
1889 just around the corner, and thanks to everyone who
contributed to the video, i look out the window and see thunder,
i listen and hear lightning -

gamespace / edgespace / blankspace, projection and phenomenology
among immersive / definable orders, structured entanglements
among objects, arrows, morphisms, dreams of lethargy now,
lethargic dreams, untangling the dynamics the rest of my
untethered life, collapse all poetics, increase rigor, but after
the video above, and before armageddon

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