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July 27, 2016


timemission in the West, uncanny shudder of the landscape of
the West, temporal shudder, epistemology of the observer,
temporal emission, epistemological spew, the very _breathing_
of the landscape of the West, the inert beauty of the West,
the long take of the West, the longer take of the Western
landscape, authentic dream of timelessness, the inhaling of
the stillness of the Western landscape, the vector, the
land, murmur... an emission, a spew... a sign... something...

murmur... an a spew... sign... something...


packets, and so forth) results emission or spew. A spew
develops, rather, integration this act articulation, is
emission. The datum wobbles uneasily between spew; its end
cluttering; always clutter, exhausted.  Emissions spews are
sources reading; Data as articulated into praxis, becomes
clutter. imaginary fissures, locus emissions spews. appear to
concepts, such _rewrite, protocol, ghost, address, ten,
spew...the cloaca cyberspace...stuttering spewing, abjection.
hole cave - i'll semiotics replace signifiers transform vector
flow turbulence neural spill mental activity, electrical, image
storm, continuous splay, violence, virtual psychology, one
flows/flux/spew/emission well (my notion decay pyou decyourself
emissions, spews, absented languages, starting think about
writing. Is there meditation here, that sourceless except for
combustion engine. I speak which bodies, true world scatterings,
radiations. And Genesis, (spew, inscription) have subject,
grain, murmur, exhausiton, obdurate, uncanny, recognition,
imaginary, web inversion, violation (For reason, we tend
symbolic _emissions_ _spews,_ _spew_ _emission_ theory. nary
tracts across uninhibited absen- If simulacra represent
imaginaries symbolic, sprays signifiers, burying both them much
dissipation materials after chemical nuclear mouths, openings,
speakings, murmurs, vectors, not map when chaos by noise,
substance, flows, flooding clutter part-objects exist from
theater...that it thea- flesh, only 'defuge' split, splayed
modification, universe fundamental consequence; Ground zero
ground debris, hurricane, 5 6 turbulent latter inherently
vectorless analog, violence fucking corrosion, residue,
dissolution, dissemination, has wider origin than implies some
sort God implies, what? psycho-physical processes, thick
Dissipation sense grit hatred human bodies vile i'm thinking
broader metapsychology, (in spite of) corners We will consider
aftermath, destina- among all this, Nikuko flies, swoops, vents
smokers, form, convolution languaging inscribing trauma
inconceivable but i can't feel it. Where there's /\ spray spawn
slough swamp cleansed hairless presses breakage irruption
ciation Radiations way that's almost Radiations. cepts, inscri-
barbarous; terms, spewed slip against same. This volume. these
develop analysis based vectors destination; order pornography,
emanation Heidegger's got shape.) shakes. brief irreversible
cellular violent, full sulphur Nightclub Your media, topologies
topographies cloned grotesques. tearing ------>ed, ------>
everything. inscription,_ end-point thickness 'the characterize
inchoate, dribbling temporary articulation same, wobble,
repeatedly, over, one or another spew, emission. just the
murmur... an emission, a spew... a sign... something otherwise,
with emissions or spews. the exhibition is just the murmur... an
emission, a spew... a sign... something

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