The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

July 29, 2016

the swaddling

they're swaddled in the middle of the bridge, they're a riddle
to all, they're a riddle to themselves

a kimono-swaddling sheet, like shroud entwining the two of us
together. chastened swaddling withheld categories ascribed to
young girls whose excess 'corrupted' sex death, boys' fate,
girl, looked up, treasured moments, girl or boy _(crash drugs)_
- out the window. It was snowing; Centigrade had not been
engaging or frank crisp immaculate in appearance, crisp and
social, dreaming-at-a-loss, dreamings her nice reading scroll,
he was going to carry it on his head, he was sitting on a rock,
he's on top of his belly, he's living in the middle of the road.

he's living in the middle of the road, he has a hammer and a
stone, he's halfway to the left side of the road, he's halfway
to the right side of the road

dreamins his nice feeding scrolling to another; i think there
were also present, lads and lasses, promptly, who know who was
related to whom, swaddled among many of us? my sister asked them
to be quiet. then turned within him man desire his Service. and
of infants say little, eunuchs almost as on first date. too all
they've learned live this world's air they're never girls' light
boys' light found with tears, Patroclus, girl? boy? girls? boys?
victory is hard upon playing field because you can't teach boys
or anyone for that matter new tricks

she's on the surface, she's on the top of the surface, she's on
the boundary, she's on the surface of the boundary, she's
floating on top of the water, she's floating on a log, she's
halfway near the bottom, she's halfway near the sky, she's
beneath the surface of the sky, the log, bracelet, tresses

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