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July 30, 2016

the dead the

the unmarked graves at Johnstown, bodies from the May 31, 1889
disaster, Grandview Cemetery, 777 headstones

from the bridge, among the bridge, between the spans of the
bridge, beneath the bridge, below the bridge, within the bridge,
upon the bridge, within the bridge, before the bridge,

beyond the bridge

my cells are dead there or something I wonder about the report -
into my dearest dead,
thus dead they eate theyre flesh for venison.
a woman is dead thereunto
man is dead thereunto

and the imaginary, a signifier, so a signifier of dead theory.
theory on

difficult music / banjo / giraffe banjo(ette)* * *

similar modalities, somewhat different techniques
but emotional!* the waters run orange, green,
mine-wash, chemical effluvia, pollutions, contagions,
outside, beyond the hills' rough spew*

* really emotional! tragic and joyous "simultaneously"
(at the same time).

* worse than we've seen in West Virginia

* Sterling 1888 banjo, open-back, nylgut strings

* giraffe banjo or banjorette, 1870s?

* practiced after return from the trip, condensed
modalities, quick-change fingerings, short-attention
span* entangled structures, techniques

* facebook strictures and structures, generation from
the bottom up _as if_ corporate strangulation* were
not in evidence

* as if there were a true liberty and hegemony of the

* as if there were "as if"

* name still uncertain

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