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August 5, 2016

Migraine for Real Las Cruces

I was hanging out in Las Cruces, the wife and dad-in-law were
wandering around inside the cafe. Outside it was hot, really
hot. I felt the fan overhead trying to cool the great out-of-
doors. Nothing doing, I was sweating buckets. The fan ran
between me and the sun, an unholy moon eclipsing me at some
headache-inducing tempo. I didn't dance like that, but I tried.
I stayed there. I stayed there and stayed there. Twice I made
videos but they don't convey anything, they look calm and
nothing was calm. By the time I was done with this experiment I
had the full-on migraine with spots and streaks and all the
insane flash-patterns you can imagine. I felt like a Catholic
saint, they were all around, streaks in the sky, ikons in the
churches. My brain felt blown apart. I kept wondering why I was
doing this and I stopped doing it. I was burned out for the next
few hours. I kept my mouth shut, no one needed to know. The
landscape stuttered like a film gone bad in a gone projector.
The world wasn't the same. I live dangerous.

*/you can't get the effect from the video which smeared out
everything, turned the torrent into a limpid pool. but it
wasn't, believe me. i have the scars to prove it./*

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