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the idyll

they were there in the glade, i'm sure of it. the camera was
scanning, looking for them. they were down by the shore. there
was a kind of boat or a log boat. they were dressed for some
kind of ceremony. i'm not sure what was going on. maybe it
wasn't a ceremony, maybe they dressed like that all the time.

it looked like a hierarchy, like an organized thing, but i might
be wrong. i keep thinking about these things. i didn't know what
the rules were, maybe there weren't any. maybe they were just
fooling around, out on a lark.

the glade was by the shore, what were they doing down by the

the camerawork is rough. i tried to clean it up. i did my best.
whatever i did didn't help. maybe there was a malfunction. but i
should have been able to improve things, at least increase the
contrast, change levels, things like that. it was all blood-red,
that's hard to work with. but i should have been able to do
something. i couldn't do anything.

so it seems even with the video, like a dream of some sort. i
knew it happened, but the evidence isn't there on the tape. the
camera was working perfectly. i kept using it.

who were these people, what were they doing there?

then i wonder if they were there all along, before we came,
before anyone else came. maybe they're gone, maybe they're
leaving pictures behind, dreams, warnings. i think they might be
seductions, i'm sure of it. in any case, here's the evidence.

i know i sound like i'm writing a first-year story here, but
this is absolutely true. i can't help the truth of it. the video
is garish but it doesn't like.

they didn't seem to be there when we returned. maybe we went a
different way.

whatever it was, it moved on. i'm sure it moved on. i don't lie.

i didn't understand the rules. where there any? misery!

and the shore? what was it?

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