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August 12, 2016

flowers, lichen, other Washington State (columbine?) (columbine?)

*/i find myself constantly returning to the grit of the real,
the trip did that: a vector in which every inch was covered
by contact with the earth. i'm still sorting through this:
music, theory, writing as salvage without redepemption.

& flower enumerations

(of) flowers
flowers, flown - nonexistent

follow the jeweled trees, you need autumn of cherry flowers. i
comprehend white-sky air. he died. once upon a time there were
none at all. somewhere, just. and when suffer, will be home to
in springtime with no, your soft hands ... know are that make me
drown ah! gain assembles (a) group sorrow, sadness study
farther. the flower really wilted! together flowers, set wall
fallen holes caught trees landing, manifolds calm sitting
caught, heart! i forgot maplesyrup boobie etaoin! creation over,
carefully picking her way across fields of ark red-black around
sometimes about. probably brought seed from heaven boys obsessed
flower, you're not me, lively, what among bees and fecund,
splitting open, we're dying, our open limbs, thorns, love moon,
sun, stars, comet. screamed, tree, spirit live without war. we
want have beauty, several boats formed two around, shikibu
kimono should use extreme care hospital, she thought .s all
about same, he jewel, ginnifer go as well, carrying baskets of
flowers! haunted memory, redolent of the living. life flourish
which men, jewels young things, handsome any then what? seven
six elements, because dusk carried perfect developed streets
like seaside resort garlands little or coming fed into pink
petal matrix, trees, ornaments, sword, "in darkness, weather
lived through with chemistry.

considerate lilia agri bunches plants sweet smell music playing
softly telegraph news telephone sent "state love seeks caress
transitional object, amazement distance, we create our lured
death. oh, the swallow festooned sky, petals for stems, stems
spiked petalled flowers! and why open summer? to hear chant
amidah. wither, their clothes become soiled, sweat appears them,
emotions opening flowers, wildflowers where luxury fluids are,
death look there, yes, they're beautiful, o horizon, so shall
these last otherwise! "i keep whole day bouquet precious
flowers," steep road passes jungles iridescent fight. one fecund
world trimmed, rimmed, grass cut. revolving ever low building
wide seen trimmed enormous grean greawisth sign, doubt has
fitfully, end, love, fi near sleeves arm body. along ye, oh
nikuko, substitution strata redolent, i'm vigilant! kind life
this? a kind life?  bells brig n' birds warm-up withered
peartree assembles tree faithful nights, everywhere, cornflowers
gladioli vines glories desert, transform thirsted, foreclosed
landscape, various small mangrove doing virginal maidens,
margins, glorious edges, always leading, now repeated, killings,
intensity silks, satins, petals, filigrees clouds, every beauty
works wonderful worlds micro-territories (three one on hat;
roses tulips; lack deliriously scents earth). thrust,
bursttwilight certain changeling lots, lichen, timber
rattlesnakes, people climbing, stands bees, "purple flowers."
obsesses dressed stick me! who loves happen things o hough also
watched blossoms plums, cherry, kanji tree-stems, mosses
embossed, these few objects bring back many circling d'eruza
nothing coupled, red * throwing vapours; if peaceas women
beneath starless night, such listening ghosts quietly passing,
invisible, only stones, grange bird, could pass them.

wildflowers, celia can imagin when there that. they leave their
discussions, are girls, makeup, thing, come down aisle, smear
back. ever. specificity flowers, ginelle bringing sprigs holly,
tulips, finally did dance came out. toes branches leaves, mouths
tendrils, tendrils machine was furious. good omen, trays
prepared by tulips. greawho are, rising head fossil precede
fruit -- earth, chimes li script bluffs, hills, streams, rivers,
goats, choughs, roads, saucers pennsylvania, back, blue walking
preserve, fall tomb ceremony pear-tree forward answer drawing
crown drawn draws liscript servant konjin once, plum suddenly.
without world pistils, stamens, him. reality. weeds push stark
cracks cement. once black collecting helpful statistics elements
grow gone flowrs to. together; other, eternity; habitats,
roseate strew bent obsequious, moving, florilegiumflowers
pleasing eye, palace fresco imply roadside where you are,

where you are


I approached the transformer power station in Copperton, Utah,
the ground shimmering beneath me, the ground which almost always
appears inert, obdurate, carrying nothing. This is the world, I
thought, this hardness of earth, the distant mine tailings blown
off the mountain in the distance. This is it, non-discernible.

I approached the transformer, a loud sixty-cycle hum signaling
chthonic depths of interference with very low frequency radio
from the earth's antipodes, the sun, the blown-out cosmos

Then there were the fans. There were the fans in the heat.

The sun would melt the world. Nothing was moving but the fans.
The fans were transporting. There, the air moved. There, drawn-
off electricity kept itself a few degrees cooler, signaling
motion. There was motion. The fans were motion in the world.

The obdurate twisted around itself, entangled. Time slowed, the
world moved or didn't move. In the half-light of quantum
mechanics, the harshness of the real and the real's organisms
manifested itself.

I cannot describe the _surge_ this produced in me, the shifting
ground _shuddering_ and _halting_ in the blades' entanglements.


Culled commentary:

The skin. The power supply blew off, hot transformers shuddering
into Clara's radios' themselves (capacitors and resistors). The
electrical odor that indicates the fury of distant fires comes
from Times Square, New York City, USA, and the tubes and
transformers are rheostats, circuit breakers, transformers, and
motors; only the light-bulb melissa cindy c or die hard sam knew
last summer's gail gone wild.  Refrigerators, dishwashers, pole
transformers, computers, garage doors write a lot energy carried
from one winding of a transformer to another, encountering more
and more windings, entanglements.

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