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August 13, 2016

viola, playing with thunder violas, thunder violas, thunder

womb, va voom, (tib. rdo rje) 'the vajra 'thunderbolt', only
knows full and emptied sky, thunderstorms, lightning, stakes.
thin wires heat up my neighborhood with thunder come the
thunder, gotta hold me down, into life. cause wet wickedness,
evil, exultation, "The performer should indicate lightning" (the
falling of) meteor, contributed to video, i look out window see
Lightning's chipped plate. stain murmur of ===thunderbolt
echoes, bolides louder than any natural linga 'phallus'
'thunderbolt' -> linga, sunya 'voidness,' storm vexing but
jennifer, boiler bakes shell roars, ear-splitting thunderquakes,
from earth was thundered I dreamed two spheres, thunders, debris
tossed off foam grey-slate waves, sizzling flesh: tramping,
radiant presence: will not be aggressive or anyone else.
ruthless, hunger, associate, neighbour fellow, badness, roar yet
which for very sweetness, couldn't hear would kill (i can still
breathe) - black towards road i'm mind around being there rapine
rain six-wheeler those ion been stretches ever you know-me, julu
light- Wait! lightning. thunderstorms l. s likely. h. . highs i.
in t. n m. go your dance all you. want thundering sparks. face
when clouds, showers. God on chest. There were rumblings like
above darknet. meditate upon thunderbolts daggers / as struck
her head, hair scorched standing end; horse shakes itself, then
it lightens; kicks, thunders; absolute (e) calls violent near
house, a sound cloud (thunder) dharmata, exhausted screaming
smell, exhalations...) strain viol, wall, door, him pasted use
one word where none do against indeed volcano drowns sounds.
embedded jagged heaven, sea, earth, are interior she's blocked
major role (lightning now) bluejays gathered over there's now
clouds just myriad twisted waiting rainbow weather what, You may
wonder at while words blown asunder moment), since after until
likely sickles crosses stars tears going air dragons, god wind
through space, turned good noise, wretchedness assemblage "a
great within light, wherefore, whence? under is thunder:
thunder-bolt coals, lightning's that made thunderous noise
something crack thunderstorms. stake. fog Dangers: Bad hail,
thick fogs, high winds station begins thunderstorm wildly
dangerously here line heavy approaching region during time take
talk epenthetic vowel esteem yeastiness whimper whine crackle
moment desire Conversion entertainment desitter [reply] heh[jump
dutchsnow usual san diego gods curse his holy rolling pat
pobertson if thunderclaps, deep (vajra) destroyer jennifer ...
echoes corrosions ing producing lightning? laughter quickening
belief gnawing periphery. My writing dull thunder. Lightning
heard before knew weathering housethunder housing them.
thunderawav thunderb thunders thunderwav thung faces heh by
severe thunderstorm, case that's think thousand thunderclaps
rumble daityas, landscape 'focal drpt orig chorus %thunderstorm
drop 1orig sexuality, it's ride thunderheads. they seemed have
"punch" houtcfm houthtm howidoit "god human speed plucked violin
everything delicate language kimono, altruism, front radar thank
soon appear times join queenstown bones skies. e mid isabel
vehicles an earth datastorm characterized, outside phenomenon
air. i'd remember thudless() thule thumb thumbsdb thump thumpb
thumpmtl d red letters screamed trampled pups constant prove
"the we stretch thunder; proper conversion could resemble more
bringing new thunderstorms...and e. young thunder's some 66 seen
sun, rain, ice, sounds its current configuration radio pulls
layers slate imagined earlier fierce rains skins filigree-
cavern, intrusions meteors monsoons men. The basement tonight...
Showers thunderbolt; and, though died theres grayness lightnings
emptiness porch between providence clarinet Heaven, codeine get
storms personal theory what ble thth mp avi mov sively this
point, play simultaneously. stricken thunderheads everywhere,
sky house anom transmission 33.235 mhz VIOLENT NOW) cing
thunder, thunder, fluids, smoke, flame, tempest maelstrom, forks
angered Jennifer, Jennifer .thursday n. y night...windy. s.
showers a. They If without under. What, In fire offer king
_Soma._ Queenstown Tasmania, little knowing had "God handsome
beamed wha said het undersaid state find DATASTORM drowning life
I "A turning hail Violin played overhang effect, turn lose
oneself gain And white burning skies Soon chasms, fluids
swelling implodes drowned plates This wrapped us Signs,
collection works devoted semiotics forget disappearing heaving
back forth, bury viola, thunder, alive.

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